A couple of new F.E.A.R. screens (PS3)

Here are two new screenshots of the PS3 version of F.E.A.R.

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THAMMER16203d ago

Looks almost as good as the demo that I down loaded and played from Xbox live.

PS3OWNESXBOX3606203d ago (Edited 6203d ago )

The new moderator must be a dip sh*t, i have 1 speech bubble and for what! I mean 360 fans run there mouth saying loads of crap and never get a bubble deducted, but when a PS3 fan goes wild they loose 4 bubbles, i mean sure i use bad lanuage, but you know many PS3 fans don't and were deducted bubbles, for doing no worse than a 360 fanboy, so there must be biast moderators, i mean no ofence but they like to post major news on the 360 and bad news on PS3, they let all these bad PS3 news get apprioved, but don't give failed approval to bad 360 news, i have submitted loads of stuff that should have been approved in the past and got failed approval!

THAMMER16203d ago

Look at your screen name. And you post allot of needless info and flame wars. You deserve one bubble. I'm sure if my name was PS3 crusher, or 360hater I would have 1 bubble two. Stop being sutch a victim and man up. The rules have been laid out follow them and be happy.

bilal6203d ago

your screen name sucks and you were the only ps3 fanbot that was flaming the news from x06. if it was not for u i could have claimed that ps3 fans dont flame 360 news but some 360 fans like the mart flame almost every ps3 news...
but thanks to ur stupid flames

THE TRUTH6203d ago

Your the example of what not to post and how not to act on this site! I am a PS3 fan and can honestly say you have contributed nothing meaningfull and have used vulgar language so you reap what you sow my friend! Try to post intellegently and keep the language clean and maybe you can be restored, I doubt it but there's always hope. Now everyone has you as an example of what not to do

Silverwolf6203d ago

So in a way he is serving a purpose ;)

Aflac6203d ago

you are not only a disgrace to the ps3 fan world, ur a disgrace to mankind altogether, STFU, go away and never come back.

PS3alltheway6203d ago

lot better than 360 ver
lol just kittin don't hate

Silverwolf6203d ago

What would make this game even better would be if 360, PS3 and PC owners could play against each other.

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A great F.E.A.R.

F.E.A.R. leapt out from behind the TV to scare gamers witless and ruin their underpants in 2005. Amalgamating elements of Hong Kong action films like Hard Boiled with the Japanese terror of The Ring, Monolith hit the nail(gun) on the head. Apart from a large number of grey corridors, it was a tremendous game and one that has had many playthroughs.

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25 Things About Me: Point Man of F.E.A.R.

Between battling Replica soldiers and keeping in touch with his family, Point Man took some time to off of F.E.A.R. operations to talk about his life behind the scenes. Although Point Man could not provide any real personal information and didn’t seem to have much of a personality, he did give us some tidbits about his likes, dislikes and opinions about his missions. We had to get the best typist in the industry to keep up as the interview went really, really fast.

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Dead_Cell4808d ago

This has to be the worst article in written existence ever written.


Lamest Video game achievements

The Merriam-Webster'a dictionary website defines an achievement as a "successful result brought about by hard work." However, the following achievements could not be classified as either being considered successful or the result of hard work, mostly since these achievements are boring.

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Murgatroyd74899d ago

Personally, I think most achievements are lame. But for me, nothing is worse than ones that require you to either watch the opening sequence, do the tutorial, or watch the ending credits. I also hate story-based achievements. It's so silly to give an achievement for doing things that have to done in order to advance the storyline. I think the Half-Life 2 achievement is clever. Besides, it's not the points that matter; it's the fact that you did it in the first place. I don't think points should be rewarded for achievements, but maybe that's just me.

zornik4899d ago

Don't forget Quake 2......the full version was a bonus game with Quake 4.You get achievements after every chapter (around 8) with........0 points.

iamgoatman4899d ago

I'd have to say the achievement for watching the credits in Assassins Creed. I just left it running whilst I got something to eat, got back and 50G. Definitely earned that one, that sandwich didn't make itself.

Also any online achievements in general, especially in games with terrible multiplayer.

SPACEBALL 14899d ago

cod waw gave away a 0 point achievement for reaching tenth prestige...

BISHOP-BRASIL4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

Where do I sign?

I don't have a 360, and don't know the achievement system deeply, but I'll just assume that what I'll say is reasonable for both.

It's totally bull in an age where I still have to get most games way after they release just because in it's launch there where like 5 other tittles that I wanted more, I barely can complete the trophy list. Take Burnout as and example. Can't get that 8 player meet in baseball stadium simply because it almost never show up and when it does, other player will let the time run out. How cool is that? A trophy you'll be expanding many hours waiting to have the chance to complete and you have no guarantee that you'll get it, even doing the right thing...

Also, since I mentioned Burnout, what's up with that trophy that request the Eye camera? It's pretty dumb to add a trophy, necessary for that platinum, that need a totally optional (and unnecessary) peripheral.

And what happens when everyone left the game? I still having problem trying to get an online match in Brutal Legend (a shame, the strategic batle in the game is GREAT).

Some single player trophies are also dumb as them depend on pure luck. Like that Demon's Souls max bladestone forged weapon... The weapon itself is a piece of crap, the pure bladestone will take you days (or minutes, that's how random it is) to drop and the skill involved, if any, is patience.

Also sucks for gamers that don't play online as they also buy games that have an online part purely for the single player segment. Arguable maybe because trophies are an online comparative feature, but I would argue that some people still like to make 100% of the game for the pure fun of it.

Those were all great games for me, but this online achievements/trophies shouldn't be there or, at least, don't count any point/don't count toward the platinum trophy. That's the reason why the only platinums I got for online games are from Uncharted 2 (which only require you to give the multiplayer a try) and Resident Evil 5 (trophies could be done off or online, probably one of the few good decisions in a Capcom game this gen). All of my other online trophies were got as I was playing with friends, not while trying to get anything done.

I'm no trophy whore, I like the system because it adds some replay value to a good single player not capable of saving a bad one) since you can trace some usually simple objectives that will move you to another one or two playthroughs. Really, except for online-only games (Crackdown, Socom, etc), devs should think a thousand times before attaching games to trophies or achievements that require you to go online, some online trophies are ok, most are just boring and require time much more than skill.

Redempteur4899d ago

do we NEED a article like this every 6 week ??

do we really need that ?

"the most easy/lame achievement/trophies "


clembo4899d ago

My Beatles Rockband only came with 3 instruments but I have played it with friends and all 4 of tapping and singing along. But who is this guy to tell us how many people should be playing a game to make it fun? Screw that guy.

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