A couple of new F.E.A.R. screens (PS3)

Here are two new screenshots of the PS3 version of F.E.A.R.

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THAMMER15912d ago

Looks almost as good as the demo that I down loaded and played from Xbox live.

PS3OWNESXBOX3605912d ago (Edited 5912d ago )

The new moderator must be a dip sh*t, i have 1 speech bubble and for what! I mean 360 fans run there mouth saying loads of crap and never get a bubble deducted, but when a PS3 fan goes wild they loose 4 bubbles, i mean sure i use bad lanuage, but you know many PS3 fans don't and were deducted bubbles, for doing no worse than a 360 fanboy, so there must be biast moderators, i mean no ofence but they like to post major news on the 360 and bad news on PS3, they let all these bad PS3 news get apprioved, but don't give failed approval to bad 360 news, i have submitted loads of stuff that should have been approved in the past and got failed approval!

THAMMER15912d ago

Look at your screen name. And you post allot of needless info and flame wars. You deserve one bubble. I'm sure if my name was PS3 crusher, or 360hater I would have 1 bubble two. Stop being sutch a victim and man up. The rules have been laid out follow them and be happy.

bilal5912d ago

your screen name sucks and you were the only ps3 fanbot that was flaming the news from x06. if it was not for u i could have claimed that ps3 fans dont flame 360 news but some 360 fans like the mart flame almost every ps3 news...
but thanks to ur stupid flames

THE TRUTH5912d ago

Your the example of what not to post and how not to act on this site! I am a PS3 fan and can honestly say you have contributed nothing meaningfull and have used vulgar language so you reap what you sow my friend! Try to post intellegently and keep the language clean and maybe you can be restored, I doubt it but there's always hope. Now everyone has you as an example of what not to do

Silverwolf5912d ago

So in a way he is serving a purpose ;)

Aflac5912d ago

you are not only a disgrace to the ps3 fan world, ur a disgrace to mankind altogether, STFU, go away and never come back.

PS3alltheway5912d ago

lot better than 360 ver
lol just kittin don't hate

Silverwolf5912d ago

What would make this game even better would be if 360, PS3 and PC owners could play against each other.

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