GamePro Review: It's Official - Turok Rocks

GamePro writes: The Turok series has definitely seen more than its fair share of ups and downs. While the first two installments were worthwhile, the later games, especially the horrifically bad Turok: Evoloution, left the series toiling in the gutter.

The bad news is that the latest installment, Turok, isn't good enough to single handedly repair the franchise's tarnished reputation but it is good enough that you'll want to forgive some of its ancestors' sins.

The game's overall visual presentation was also a little lacking. While the game's graphics are awesome, there just isn't enough variety to the various areas that you'll traverse. The paths from one objective to the next is also really linear, leading you to feel like a rat who's running a preconstructed maze.


-Dinosaurs are engaging, storyline and gameplay are solid


-Lack of environment variety, linear objectives, some AI is lacking

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thats what they think..

as far as the rest of us gamers think, this game suckz !

BrianC62344320d ago

I don't get that headline. Turok rocks. Yet Gamepro gave it a 3.75. That doesn't sound like a score they'd give a game that rocks. It seems more like a score for a so-so game.

As for buying Turok, no thanks. I played that game on the N64. That was enough.

mighty_douche4320d ago

Well GamePro believe in equality, thats why this review was brought to you by their new member of staff, Blind Steve.

lonestarmt4320d ago

I'm sorry but this game is mediocre at best. Its an average FPS with a dinosaur gimmick. Thats my two cents

Relcom4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

Not a classic like the first 2 but, just good old fashion fun. It does nothing too wrong which is good.

I want the cerebreal bore back ASAP, and plasma rifle

Petraeus4320d ago

I've almost finished the game (I think) on hard difficulty and I have really been enjoying myself. Sometimes the human AI is dumb...others it's unforgivingly brutal.

The story has kept me wanting to find out what happens next. I'd say I'm having easily as much fun with this as Halo 3 single player.

Don't base your judgements on the poor demo..whover chose that part of the game for demo material was an idiot.

Relcom4320d ago

The T-Rex battle should of been the demo IMO

rhood0224320d ago

I'm playing it on Hard as well and it is a pretty fun game. I dig the Dino-vibe, which is why I loved the first one, and it meshes well with the sci-fi element. I just dig it in a weird way.

Although I agree that the AI and environments can be odd and repetitive at times. I cannot complain. I mean, I loved ME too and it had the same issues. But most of the time, the AI and use of the environment makes the game really interesting, especially on the harder difficulties.

I can't tell you how many time I've been sneaking around, thinking I'm about to get a stealth kill then BAM I get surprised by a dino or an enemy soldier. Overall this game is fun despite its flaws. But then again, I loved Advent Rising and games of similar ilk.

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