More MotorStorm Gameplay

If you can't get enough of MotorStorm you might want to check out this new gameplay video.

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Ravenator5295912d ago

The video playback is really choppy. I don't think that its my PC either.

TheMART5912d ago

It looks allright, but it's not what the CGI @ E3 2005 was. I still have the idea that it's almost possible on the PS2 also.

And second: I only see one or a few competitors on screen at once. How is the slowdown/overheating when it it's stretched to the max?

From the CGI shown on, this title cannot live up to the created hype. I think it's fun but only for 10 minutes at max. And that's not much for a game that could cost 75 to 85 dollar/euro

Antan5912d ago (Edited 5912d ago )

i think people are taking this overheating nonsense a bit to far!! somehow i dont dont think sony would release something that could burn your house down, regardless of the laptop battery incidents!! lol, It looks fun for me. Though as mart said, not many competitors in this particular video but the guy is dead last !!!!!! as we have seen in other videos there can be quite an amount to scrap with! the game wont cost in that region, this has been discussed in previous news comments.

kmis875912d ago

First off about overheating: One unfinished game running at 60 fps and native 1080p overheating isn't that much of a cause for concern. To put it in perspective, the 360 has had overheating problems with games running at the same framerate at half the resolution.

Second, about your comment of no racers being on the screen, there were obviously 11 other racers in this, but they've all passed the guy. Look at the HUD, he's in last place by a lot apparently. Maybe thats why you don't see them there.

Lastly, I thought we put all these 80 dollar games rumors to rest. There have been no indications that any of the games we've seen will retail for more than the status quo price from any retailer. All game preorders right now are at $60, and thats the most reliable information you can get about game prices.

USMChardcharger5912d ago

360 overheating was a sticker from one plant that was left on...a sticker...not a game.

not that iam saying you are incorrect about the PS3's issue...just correcting you on the 360 comment.

Hayabusa 1175912d ago

The game looks slooooooooow.

THE TRUTH5912d ago

Ok MART what the hell are you talking about?

Could be done on PS2? That's just laughable my green friend. You must be on some type of drug! Not that I would expect you to be impressed but this game looks awesome and brings a fresh innovation that this genre desperatly needs. Destructable vechiles and a course that changes with each lap! Improved AI and physics.... No way this could be done on PS2 hardware!

If you don't like it that's fine but at least give is real reasons for your not wanting to play it!

How can you say it gets old after 10 mins when you have never played it?

I think this game is a great addition to the PS3 and really rounds out the racers for the PS3, we got great racing sim, great sci fi, and a great off road racer!! I can't wait to play all these racers it gives is gamers new experiences to enjoy that are a much needed break from the norm

Karibu5912d ago

even if that video were of real cars and track, he'd say the same thing.

Anyway, this game looks so promising. There's no racer you could compare this to. System seller definetly, might even be best selling game at launch.

USMChardcharger5912d ago

he's right mart...the PS2 is waaay to weak to handle a game like this.

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The story is too old to be commented.