The Club - Review

"Don't be fooled by the guns and the explosion... The Club isn't actually a third person shooter at all. Really, it's a very cleverly disguised beat-em-up; Tekken with all the regular moves left out and just the special combos remaining...

Unfortunately, like most beat-em-ups, The Club is also a love-it-or-hate-it affair... The experience players have with The Club depends more on the gamers themselves than the game and, just as some people love Virtua Fighter but hate Dead or Alive, so too will players of The Club become divided.

If practice makes perfect is your motto and you love honing your skills to a razor edge then The Club could be the best investment you make all year. If you're the type of gamer to learn all the cool combos in Soul Calibur or you can manual forever in the latest Tony Hawk's then this is the game for you... On the other hand, if you prefer games that you only need play once or with stories that occupy more than the head of a matchstick, then you may want to give The Club a miss. It's not a bad game by any measure – but it isn't for everyone."

-- by Joe Martin

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Ju4326d ago

I shockingly liked the demo very much. I'll get this.

kewlkat0074326d ago

Actually reminds me of a "3-D Hogans Alley" lol..

meepmoopmeep4326d ago

i don't know what the writer means about "stories that occupy more than the head of a matchstick" but i take it that isn't a positive phrase. that being said, i'm a very story driven gamer and like great plots in the games i play, so i might just give this a rent only