Edge - Interview: Suda 51 Revisited

Edge writes: The CEO and lead producer of Grasshopper Manufacture slouches back in his chair. We're in west Tokyo with Goichi Suda, at the new headquarters GHM now calls home. The move is at least partly a reflection of the company's growth, now approaching 50 employees, but also an expression of a collaborative ethic that means all of those employees, including Suda himself, now have their desks on a shared single floor – because it makes work "easier and friendlier". A sample of the interview below:

Edge: This is the most powerful hardware you've worked on to date, but it can't offer graphics on a par with other platforms; was it this that led to the game's distinctive look?

Suda: I think graphics are actually something very hard to define. If you think of what the PS3 or the Xbox 360 delivers as 'graphics', then you will notice a gap. But if you consider Resident Evil 4 as perhaps the best that a GameCube can deliver, then you know that you can at least do the same on the Wii. That's the functional side, but really graphics are about what you want to show in the game. My first vision of the game was Travis facing a number of opponents. That is one aspect I wanted to keep. Overall, I think we managed to deliver that vision with a good graphical representation. In that sense, I don't see graphics as an issue in this game at all.

Edge: Which platform would you like to work with in the future?

Suda: The Xbox 360. Definitely, I want to develop on this platform. It is really easy to work with. It is also quite popular outside Japan on markets that I would like to aim at. Specifically, I think of the American market as the Major League – I would like to go there and be successful.

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coolfool4324d ago

The potential market of the 360. I think the main point though is "markets that I would like to aim at". He obviously see's 360 owners as more of an action oriented breed which seems to be his preference.

wiizy4324d ago

looking forward to fatal frame 4 and more exclusives from suda for the wii.