Stronghold Crusader Extreme Unveiled and Screens

Firefly Studios and Gamecock Media have announced Stronghold Crusader Extreme, a new and improved version of the Stronghold Crusader due to be available in Spring 2008. Stronghold Crusader Extreme features huge battles with over 10000 units on screen, a new Extreme Trail which will test even the best Crusader players and a new tactical aid bar which allows you to unleash super moves on your enemies. Also included in the package is the original Stronghold Crusader featuring limited edition content which was previously only released in the US. The first three screenshots found their way into's gallery.

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YoMeViet4328d ago

That's some horrible graphics though, I like war RTS but stronghold just doesn't cut it for me. I'ld take the Total War series over this any day.

SRuN44328d ago

That's because this game came out years ago.

Instead of just pumping more units into the game they should of used the engine, upgraded it and made a new Stronghold game in 2D. They're only doing this because they're last two games in 3D were complete garbage.

Random_Gumby4328d ago

imo the original stronghold had more unique and detailed graphics