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IGN: "In Tokyo Jungle, you play as one of dozens of animals attempting to survive for as long as possible in a version of Tokyo abandoned by humans for over a decade. Players don’t initially know what happened to humanity, though it’s something slowly uncovered over time."

r214330d ago

Im shocked to see sites like IGN and Destructoid giving this game high scores and even more so PSLS gave it a low score.


10 Underrated PS3 Games That Are Hidden Gems

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DarXyde53d ago

Numbers 6-9 were some of my absolute favorite early gen PS3 games. I'm still bitter about Incognito and Japan Studio.

Goodguy0152d ago

The white knight chronicles and infamous games really need to come to modern platforms. MAG I really miss...poor zipper. The ps3 was definitely a unique console despite it being the worst home console of PlayStation.


Five Digital PlayStation Games You Need to Play Before they Are Gone

Alex S. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "Before Sony shuts down these stores, we wanted to give you a chance to grab the gems that will be lost forever. Here are five PlayStation games you need to play before they are gone forever."

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Father__Merrin1198d ago

Some of these digi titles need to be converted to run on ps5 games like the last guy will be gone now

PitbullMonster1198d ago

You can still play The last guy on PSNow.

PitbullMonster1197d ago

Btw. Same goes to Echochrome.

Mulando1197d ago

In bad 720p streaming quality + we don't know how long Sony will allow PS3 titles on PSNow.
After all (and as far as it is known) they still use PS3 hardware for PS3 games. I really hope they use an emulator nowadays, but I don't think so.

Teflon021197d ago

Mulando don't know if you've used Now but games like that run fantastic lol. Playing Locoroco remastered looks damn near exactly the same as downloading. I know because I've played on my PC streamed plenty of times and you don't get a single artifact or feel delay. It really just depends on the title. Those ones are fine

cammers19951197d ago

This is really sad that the store is closing. Fuck Jim Ryan.

LiViNgLeGaCY1197d ago

Seriously. He needs to go ASAP.

Viking_mo1197d ago

The sheer audacity for him to say no one plays old games. What an idiot

Mr Logic1197d ago

Or...he's correct. They have telemetry, they can see how often people play old games. You people need to understand that if you go on N4G, reddit, FB groups, etc. to talk about games or keep up with games, then you are the hardcore of the hardcore and you makeup a tiny, TINY portion of the gaming public.

None of that is to say that I agree with taking down the stores or support Sony not doing BC for PS1-3.

343_Guilty_Spark1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

But N4G PS gamers says people don't...only new exclusives matter

senorfartcushion1197d ago

Jim Ryan and Herman Hulst sounds like The Death Twins.

Snookies121197d ago

I really wish we got a Tokyo Jungle sequel with a bit more budget to it. That game was so unique.

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Another indie studio has been formed by a Sony Japan Studio exile

Tokyo Jungle producer announces EPIGRAsm.

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1Victor1208d ago

Good to hear they got a new studio that after a few popular good games will be acquired by Sony 🤷🏿

itsmebryan1207d ago

I read the article. Where does it say "after a popular good games will be acquired by Sony." Did I miss something?