Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate revealed for Wii U, will release in Europe

An updated and enhanced version of Monster Hunter Tri, which was released on the Wii is coming for the Wii U, and has been scheduled for a release in March in Europe. An english release of the, japan-only, Monster Hunter 3G game for 3DS was hinted at.

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wishingW3L2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Now we know the Wii U will sell like hot cakes in Japan. The next step is COD for America and a Racing game for Europe.

PopRocks3592883d ago

Black Ops II was announced and Wii U is getting Project Cars and Sonic AllStars Racing Transformed.

GribbleGrunger2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Yep, yet another fantastic move from Nintendo. If there's no Vita version then I'd have to say that Nintendo could well have sown the Japanese market up with this one announcement. Not great for me (a Vita owner) but once again, credit where credit is due.

WiiUalpha2883d ago

Bubbles for giving credit. You seem to be one of the few Sony supporters here that isnt looking for any reason to trash the Wii U and Nintendo. I've seen people making some really stupid comments just so they can hate it and do damage control.

GribbleGrunger2883d ago

Well, thank you. I do have issues and they may well crop up from time to time but there's a time and place for that. I call things as I see them and don't let other stuff get in the way. Nintendo made some stellar moves today and that's that! Fanboys just need to get over themselves.

HarvesterOSarow2883d ago

Well it's a great announcement for Nintendo and both companies are sure to rake in some money. It doesn't mean I can't be upset that, yet again, another Monster Hunter title misses the Vita.

I've been expecting a Sony MH teaser since Capcom refused to localize Portable 3rd for PSP(even though I've put 300 hours into it already). I just want an HD MH that I can play ad hoc and wifi, where I'm not climbing all over the monsters Shadow of the Colossus style and QTE'ing my way through "running cutscenes".

Myst2883d ago

Oh hell naw. I mean yeah that is cool and everything but we are still missing some key Monster Hunter game(s) >_>

mobiusoneac42883d ago

Which ones? It has all the content from P3rd and Tri.
4 isn't out yet, and besides the gameplay looks to have taken a turn for the worse.

Myst2883d ago

Frontier...Frontier...The main one that I would really like to see make it's way over outside of Korea and Japan as they are the only two that have it. Yeah I know it has all the content that's cool actually and glad we are getting it but I still just want Frontier ya know? They have done so much for it and while it may not look spectacular it is miles bigger than 3 if I remember correctly.

tehpees32883d ago

Wii U is going to sell. Grasp at all the straws you want but it has a great lineup of games.

Moncole2883d ago

So many of the trolls and haters are mad because the Wii U is off to a great start.

rezzah2883d ago

While it is good for the Wiiu to get a MH game, I still want a MH on the PS3. Or at least the Vita.

I think even the 360 will get MH Frontier G, we are still unsure if it will come to NA though. Still the 360 still gets something.

MH4 is going to 3DS.

Almost like a slap to the PS brand; where the series started off and grew up.

MH Freedom Unite (PSP) is old in terms of where the series currently stands with new monsters and gameplay.

Been a big fan since 2004.

wiiu_peeu2883d ago

Yeah their mad that ist 5 times and even 10 times more powerful then the delusional fanboys initially kept saying it would be lol Its barely more powerful than current gen. Yes many ppl on here are mad their predictions were spot on lol hahahahahaha

NatureOfLogic2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

It don't have to be 10x more powerful. I'm still impressed with the games that PS3 put out, and to think the Wii U can do better amazes me.

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