Devil May Cry 4: GGG Review - 'outrageously beautiful'

The graphics are fantastic. Seriously, the game looks great. The fighting mechanics are fluid and easy to grasp. Tight controls add to the awesomeness. While it's nice to see familiar faces, the new characters are great in their own right, especially newcomers Nero and Gloria.

Devil May Cry 4 looks outrageously beautiful. The cut scenes are brilliantly rendered and the whole presentation runs without a hiccup at 60 frames per second. There are some moments that aren't as spectacular as others but all in all, the game looks pretty damn good. Sadly, we can't gush quite as effusively about the sound. First, the same irritating song comes on every time Nero runs into any kind of enemy, and he rattles off the same three "attack lines" with the annoyance of a three-year-old: "Catch this", "Get lost" and "Slam dunk". So, Nero plays basketball? Lame.

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solidt124325d ago

This game is really great. I got my copy last night.