Rumor: Rock Band European Release May Creep To September For PS3, PS2 and Wii

Kotaku reports that our friends across the Atlantic may want to drum up some patience, as a source close to EA tells us that the good news that Europe finally has a release window for Rock Band may come with a dash of bad. While Electronic Arts execs pointed to a April to June time frame for the group rhythm game, Xbox 360 owners may be the only ones rocking out this summer.

While the 360 version of Rock Band is planned for a May ship date, we heard talk that the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and Wii versions will all ship sometime in September across the pond, a fact that we've yet to confirm with EA. We've contacted folks at MTV and EA UK for clarification, so consider it rumor for now and stay tuned.

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Cyrus3654323d ago

I don't understand this one at all, especially considering PS3 alot of the multiplatform games are selling as good if not better on PS3 than 360.

And obviously Wii, PS2 doing much better...