Gamers, Depression and Suicide: R U OK? How YOU can help with depression and suicide


"Today is R U OK? Day.

It’s the day we remember that not everyone is as they seem, and many people around you may have internal struggles that you don’t know about...

Depressed individuals might be turning to games as a means of self-medication, immersing themselves in a game’s world as a way of forgetting about real-life troubles.

Some gamers may be disconnecting from real relationships, leading to increased isolation.

It’s an unfortunate truth that people who have a propensity for this kind of recreation and/or lifestyle seem to also have an extra susceptibility to this illness...

Today is R U OK? Day."

gaminoz4298d ago

Who wants real life when they can have a gaming fantasy life? If the Xbox 'holodeck' comes about will we even venture outside, or die happy?

Seriously though, I'm concerned about all this over the net communication over face to face these days. My son dates his girlfriends over the net with Facebook conversations. Really? That's dating?

Irishguy954298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

I've done that...well...not date per se, but it's easier to talk over Msn and facebook etc, especially if your a nervous kid.. I realized it's actually a bad thing to do it though. Face to face is required to gain social comfort and normallity of doing it. Mebe i'm discussing this in the wrong place though hehe.

I was depressed + social anxiety anyway, Anime, Manga, and especially video games Helped me through it. It is a form of escapism and rightly so, it does help take your mind off things. Either way the only way to get over Dep/Sa for me was to force myself into situations I didn't want to be in. I didn't 'feel' like going out with friends, was just down all the time. I forced myself to go out as much as possible, eventually I just stopped being depressed. Put yourself in 'happy situations' as much as possible is the only way I ever found out to get over that ****. I also kept it hidden though, talking to people really helps alot since I told one person before, but other than that I kept it hidden.

unkn0wn4298d ago

Sounds pretty similar to how I was, WoW was a great escape for me.

Only when I started going out a lot, parties and the like, I felt the same hollow feeling after a while. It's important to have people you can trust and a good balance in life

DarkBlood4298d ago

at least better the net then alone together if you know what i mean, that is if they are the kind of people that would of course

BadCircuit4298d ago

I know about 4 people who have suffered depression and are into gaming. I'm not sure if gaming is where they go to try and escape or if they just do it because they feel disconnected from everyone.

It's amazing how many people you know who don't tell you they've had depression or have it.

DeusExer4298d ago

Any awareness to this illness is a good thing.

I used to suffer from depression myself, and much like the article says, I turn to games for not only entertainment, but for distraction to negative emotions.

But there comes a point where you have to deal with it. Myself, sure I feel crappy some times, but talking to someone help out so much.

gaminoz4298d ago

Yeah we are more connected than ever before but less connected at the same time.

Sorry you had to go through that.

Hugh Jackman doing a video on it...I wonder if he ever suffered it.

Eske4298d ago

A nice message. I think it's especially important for gamers; we're online a lot, and the internet community isn't, let's say, always the most empathetic crowd.

As an aside, it's always nice to hear a personal touch in an article like this, too. There have been a few pieces recently that broach personal subjects like this, and they've all been pretty worthy reads.

gaminoz4298d ago

Yeah for men especially it seems like you are supposed to be super strong which translates to "keep it to your self and toughen up princess".

This just makes people break eventually or become alcoholic or such.

Gaming can provide a great common interest and get people talking about life in general.

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