Why the PlayStation Vita is great value, even if you don't buy a single game

Digitally Downloaded writes: "The Vita is more than a games system. It’s a portable entertainment unit, and while many would suggest that’s what the iPhone or iPad is for (and that would explain the lacklustre sales to date), the Vita is more focused on the gaming side of things, and so it is differentiated from Apple’s devices. The fact that you can do so much on it for free is something that deserves far more attention than it’s currently getting."

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Bowzabub2278d ago

Must integrate the existing apps as well. Otherwise it is a broken network. If there is one gripe I have against Sony it is that they take forever to pull everything together. They talk about crap too much too soon and makes everything they do seem to only happen on lunar eclipses. I love everything they bring, but wish it was a completed idea BEFORE they reveal it. Everything is always 'unfinished'.

Thatguy-3102278d ago

No it needs games !!! The apps offered there are easily accessible else wear. Thank god LBP is coming. Then fall is packed with ps3/psvita compatible games which should be a blast.

CShadow2278d ago

Nintendo does the same except Sony is letting out stuff this year. 3DS I bought 1st day thinking all the features supposed to have and games. Where's Animal crossing, Luigis Mansion, Paper Mario, and Monster hunter(maybe 2 years after release)? Where's the 3d movies I've heard of? Took them long enough to release a fully downloadable game out (Super Mario Bros) on the eshop. So no one is perfect. Sony games this year for Vita list.
Uncharted, Shinobido2, Unit 13, Ninja Gaiden, Resistance, Disgea3, Persona4, Gravity rush, Ragnarok odyssey, Call of duty, Assisn creed3, and PS all stars. Nintendo 3ds list a whole year in a half. Super Mario 3d, Zelda3d,Starfox, New super Mario, Kid icarus, heroes of ruin, and kingdom hearts 3d.

Straightupbeastly2278d ago

How can u own any games when it doesn't have any?

TheLastGuardian2278d ago

A. you dislike Sony
B. you dislike PS Vita and/or handheld gaming
C. you're uninformed
D. all of the above

I'm guessing D. Vita really has no games that interest you? Come talk to me when you're interested in video games a bit more. There's plenty of great games for the Vita.

wiiu_peeu2278d ago

not for nothing but ppl that view netflix on my vita which is half the time lol say "damn this looks so clear and crisp" Even if i didnt buy a game id be using my vita regularly or someone else.

Conzul2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Yeah I use mine for GPS and my main MP3 player. The netflix works well over home Wifi. At my college, people will walk over and ask,
"Is that the new psp?" to which I'll say, "Uh, yeah."
"Oh," they say, and walk away.

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The story is too old to be commented.