Naruto Storm 3 to Feature Naruto vs the Nine Tails (Rumor)

Saiyan Island: A new rumor suggests Naruto Storm 3 will cover the battle between Naruto and the Nine Tails.

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tayz3413d ago

hell yeah! this will be epic!! i hope it can be co-op that would be bad ass too!!

potatowarrior3413d ago

haha do u upload all the naruto stories ? every time i click on one your number one :) have they confiremed what arc it goes up 2 would quite like to see the end of the ninja war but can't see it :(

potatowarrior3413d ago

actually you do it says so haha fail on my part

Outside_ofthe_Box3413d ago

I really want a Naruto rpg. I'm getting tired of the same old formula being used in Ultimate Ninja.

Shadonic3413d ago

Theres a bunch of top down 2D ones on a game site called Byond. I've been playing them for years its pretty fun it adds a whole new spin on combat and has more of a satisfiying gameplay than ultimate ninja.

Outside_ofthe_Box3413d ago

Yeah I've played those, GOA in particular. I want a full blown open world 3-D one though.

Irishguy953413d ago

This is a given.
It seems they are redoing everything they did in generations too with Sasuke in the kage arc again/

FinaLXiii3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

Hoping to see more awesome than the anime actually did.