Famitsu interviews Nomura: FF Versus XIII character's clothes to be revised

In order to celebrate their 1000th issue, Famitsu has decided to interview Square Enix's legendary character designer Tetsuya Nomura. From the interview we learn the following:

· While designing Final Fantasy VII, they were indecisive about how spiky to make Cloud's hair.
· Would be happy with Final Fantasy illustrations done only by Amano.
· Likes to draw with just a sharp pencil.
• Lightning from FF XIII: Has muscular legs, she isn't sweet and doesn't cry.
· Aya (Aya Brea from PE3) is a bid more rounded than Lightning.
· Versus 13 heroes' clothes will probably be revised.
· Buys games based on Famitsu reviews.

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Skerj4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Wait a minute, do I see PE3? Did I just freaking see PE3!? Dude it's wrong playing with people's emotions by calling 3rd Birthday PE3. I got psyched for nothing. Curse you translation errors, curse yoooou *shakes fist*.

Iamback4325d ago

PE3 is for mobile, it was announced during last TGS

Skerj4325d ago

I know about 3rd Birthday but I thought it wasn't a sequel.

coolfool4325d ago

the best I could come up with was Parasite Eve......

Anyway, is there anywhere I could find a full translation of the interview? This is ok but just a little lightweight for my tastes.

Skerj4325d ago

You've come correct, PE3 is Parasite Eve 3. There's a mobile game coming out in the Parasite Eve universe starring Aya called 3rd Birthday which from what I've been told and read isn't a sequel to the series even though it takes place in the series timeline. So side story maybe? I'm not sure, whatever it is I want it and a full fledged PS3 sequel.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 4325d ago
fabiopeart4325d ago

PE3 is for mobile ??? WTF ??? Are they crazy ???

PE3 need come to PS3.

Avto4325d ago

yeah I think he means 3rd Birthday, but maybe one day we'll see a PS3 game PE3

squallsoft4324d ago

holy crap. Parasite Eve on my PS3 would make my life happy. or how about the original 2 games out on PSN? that would be cool to. id love to be able to play parasite eve on the go with my PSP!

anyways, cool new info. when are we gonna see confirmed gameplay footage of FFXIII's Real/ATB battle system? thats my question...

vloeistof4324d ago

well hoping that we hear versus guy speak @ e3

lonestarmt4323d ago

here is hoping he isn't annoying like he said he might be