Inside Xbox Launches in Canada

If you are a Canadian gamer and was trying to get into the dashboard of your Xbox 360 this evening, you noticed that it would not load. A few moments ago, it appears that Inside Xbox Canada has launched, if you click on the Inside Xbox icon (Friends and Messages has merged into one now) you will find a Canadian greeting and some fresh Canadian content.

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wil4hire4326d ago

HALO3.. Canadian edition.

BloodySinner4326d ago

I just noticed this when I booted up my console today. Pretty cool stuff.

BLUR1114326d ago

not really. i could live without it

Talvish4326d ago

I'm personally a fan of Inside Xbox (at least here in the States). First thing I do when I turn on my 360 is check Inside Xbox (assuming it is flashing red), and then check what is New in the Marketplace (in part because my wife and I watch at least one movie a week off the marketplace, so I like to see if any new movies came out).

Carbon4326d ago

haven't turned my xbox on in months.. And this doesn't motivate me to change that.

K33GAN4326d ago

meh, better than not having it i guess

Mr Marbles4326d ago

I didn't think IXB was a good feature, but now that it is here, i would not want to be without it, its just one of the many small things that make the 360 experience more user friendly, user centered, and superior to the competition.

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