First iPhone 5 screenshot of Real Racing 3

EA says this is the first ever screenshot of Real Racing 3 for iPhone 5.

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blumatt2254d ago

Yep. I'll be selling my 4s soon and getting a 5 soon enough. I was pretty impressed today at the 5. Nice improvements. The only thing I wish Apple would do is put a removable SD card slot on the next iPhone.

SPARDA_4262254d ago

They will eventually do that, once they find a way to put it in without affecting the overal size.

SuperStrokey11232254d ago

I doubt that will ever happen, why would they have any interest in doing that except on their phone thats of the largest size? Makes no sense for them to do that unless they started to only make 1 size of phone.

ABizzel12254d ago

Looks good. Now I can't wait for GT PSV. I'm expecting GT HD COncept graphics for it.

On a side note, are the Assassin's Creed 3 images running on iPhone 5 as well? They don't look like the best quality, but could pass for a phone game.

blumatt2254d ago

Why in the hell did I get disagreed to death for?? lol I just said I wish Apple would let us upgrade the memory outself for cheap than have to pay a ridiculous price for the next size iPhone, which costs $100 more for each tier. You can get a lot of SD memory for $100.

Is it cause I said I was buying an Apple product?? People are so sensitive about Apple. They get mad when someone likes their products.

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MEsoJD2254d ago

Yeah it does look nice for a mobile game.

Stansolo2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

It will sell by the billions. People love phones and phones sell.

Ron_Danger2254d ago

Why have billions, when you can have... millions??

RmanX10002254d ago

Now i can see the molecules on the Angry Birds!! SWEET! <__<

AngelicIceDiamond2254d ago

Now phones are matching PS360 graphics. Yeah, we need next gen now.

live2play2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

phones matching the graphics of current gen was never up for debate

phones matching the EXPERIENCE on consoles and dedicated handhelds on the other hand....

i can answer right now that THAT will never happen

esp. not with the lack of physical buttons and PRECISE controls

people often call the 3ds and wii gamepad cheap because lack of multitouch...

those devices already have buttons AND the pointy stylus is MORE PRECISE than a round finger
thats the most important factor in games PRECISE CONTROLS

and come on... when do you ever frequently use multitouch other that zooming in and out...

saoco2254d ago

i wouldn't say that. but they are very, very close.

Pandamobile2254d ago

This looks about as good as early-gen games from like 2005-2006.

Hazmat132254d ago

looking good, they need a new iMac.

Plagasx2254d ago

So is this more powerful than the Vita yet???

tachy0n2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

not at all, since the quad core CPU in the PSVita runs @ 2.1GHz :)

while the Iphone still has a dual core CPU.....

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