GameSpot reviews Devil May Cry 4

The newest entry in the revered series features plenty of awesome action, a great new character… and a bit of repetition.

The Good
- Extraordinary action sequences highlighted by smooth controls and slick animations.
- Nero is a great new character with some terrific new moves.
- Beautiful visuals and incredible cutscenes will constantly amaze you.
- Boss characters are designed well and fun to fight.

The Bad
- Environments and boss fights are repeated far too often.
- Puzzles and platforming aren't much fun and chop up the pace too much.

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likeaboss3024329d ago

Solid review that hopefully is a sign of things to come for Gamespot after their "issues" of late.

Le-mo4329d ago

If the boss's are designed well and fun to fight then I don't see the problem with repeating boss fights.

likeaboss3024329d ago

Well fun to fight the first time. I've never been one to play boss fights over and over for fun. I guess to each their own.

antoinetm4329d ago

What a joke..

"its the best game ever but we don't like the way they displayed the ending credits... 7/10"

The "repetitive environement" & "sucky puzzles" critics could be applied to gaiden sigma and yet that game got 9/10. (its worthy of a 9/10 tho)

Gamespot has no consistency, thats a shame.

Bnet3434329d ago

Nah dude, they got it right this time, this game isn't that good, I just got done playing it last night actually. They are right about the repetition, it gets old fast. I think Ninja Gaiden 2 will definitely be better.

Rocko4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

quit crying.

actas1234329d ago

Thats the same score they gave uncharted.

I think an 8 for this game is about right..

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The story is too old to be commented.