Five Games that Honestly didn't Need Sequels

GameDynamo - "There's a great many reasons why a developer shouldn't put together a sequel to a title. Maybe the narrative of the original was self-contained enough that it could easily stand on its own (and future installments simply cheapen the property). Perhaps the sequel they did come out with is, compared to the original, utter garbage. Or maybe the original game was just downright terrible to begin with."

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Dunpeal2228d ago

not sure Chrono Cross is a true sequel as much as its a legacy title. pretty sure a true Chrono Trigger sequel in HD would be welcomed by the masses, if given the proper attention of course

DeadIIIRed2228d ago

I'm playing through Chrono Cross for the first time and that is what I was thinking: "I hope there is a sequel to this."

MaxXAttaxX2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Not sure why some people complain about Chrono Cross.
It wasn't meant to be a direct sequel to Chrono Trigger. It's not called "Chrono Trigger 2".

Also, it was a very awesome game. I hope they make another Chrono game soon.

ShaunCameron2228d ago

de Blob 2. It just didn't stand a chance in 2011. And it happened to correct a lot of the flaws of the first Blob.

born2live2228d ago

How dare you put Chrono Cross on that list!

Lucretia2227d ago

chronocross was awesome!!!!

u know what ps1 series i miss?

Legend of Legaia. was sooo hoping for a part 3 this gen :(

Picnic2227d ago

Metroid Prime it seems to me.
Viewtiful Joe too.

Tetsujin2227d ago

Whoever the author is, NiGHTS into Dreams came out on SATURN not DREAMCAST

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