CNET Reviews Sony's PlayStation 3 (40GB)

Randolph Ramsay from CNET writes:

"Sony set out to make a multimedia powerhouse with the PS3, and we're glad to say that it succeeded admirably. The inclusion of a Blu-ray player makes it almost a must-have for gamers looking to get into high definition video (or even a high-def buff with only middling game aspirations), particularly at this price point. Hardcore gamers, however, may need to think twice. With few exclusive titles at launch and a dwindling list of PS3-only games slated for the future, the
PlayStation 3 will surely have its hands full competing against the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii."

"The good:

* Impressive graphics capability
* Looks swish
* Cheapest Blu-ray player on the market
* Plenty of multimedia features
* Wireless controllers, plus recharge cable is included free
* Robust online store."

"The bad:

* Expensive for a games console
* Few outstanding exclusive titles in launch line-up
* Lack of backwards compatibility
* Only comes with composite cables
* Sixaxis capability needs to be better utilised."

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davez824329d ago

this is AU site. Also not a bad score from a microsoft owned site.


Who cares as long as i have one , people that bash and dont have one . LOl i just want to LOL again laugh at your ass for missing probably the best console ever ( sorry ps2 ) .

MrWonderful4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

this is so dumb this ps3 game list is not dwindling! if anything its getting larger. and 399 is not expensive considering people are buying cell phones that cost more than this. and what is this crap " * Few outstanding exclusive titles in launch line-up " its ben out awhile now so there are alot of good games. i pity this site now

EZCheez4329d ago

I wouldn't even have bothered making it. I agree with you 100%.

prunchess4329d ago

I wonder how long ago this was written? As a review it's pretty basic.

SlyGuy4329d ago

This sounds as though it was written a year ago..hmmm

LevDog4329d ago

expensive for a gaming system.. its 40 bucks more than the 360 elite with no extra stuff to buy.. No 100 dolla HD DVD drive or 100 Dolla wi fi attachment to buy.. in the end you end up spending 160 less.. so its actually cheaper.. LAUNCH titles??? why talk about launch titles.. why not grade it on the fact it has more AAA titles in 08 than any other game console.. Cheap way to take away some real points towards the total.. or how about a plus.. FREE ONLINE SERVICE.. My total.. 9.9.. It doesnt get a Ten cause they havent came out with any New Twisted Metal haha

PirateThom4329d ago

Say $60 more expensive, you still need to grab an HDMI cable.

Mr_Kuwabara4329d ago

My HDMI cable cost 28 bucks. Panasonic BTW.

mintaro4329d ago

dude, chill, though you may not agree witht cnets review, this is how they see it

btw, i think the reason they did not factor in the 08 lineup is becasue, a lot of things can happen within that time span, some games(gosh forbid) may not turn out right, so i dont think that it's fair to give points based on things that we've yet to see

Bnet3434329d ago

AAA titles in 2008? How can you know they are going to be AAA good if you haven't played them yet?

prunchess4329d ago

Lads, if you bought cheap HDMI cables you will lose image quality. I bought a Logitech 2m cable for 50 Euro. I noticed some vertical bars on my LCD TV. I had my mates PS3 and HDMI cable. He spent 160 Euro on his cable and boy could you see the difference when I swapped them over. No vertical bars and far brighter colours. Don't scrimp on cables!

actas1234329d ago

You mean 40 dollars cheaper than 360 elite.

rofldings4329d ago


HDMI is a digital signal, it either works or it doesn't. You probably got a faulty cable, but if the cable works, there's no difference from a $100 HDMI cable.

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EZCheez4329d ago

What are they talking about? I won't bother making a list because I'm too lazy, but there are PLENTY of exclusives and last I saw the list was doing the exact opposite of "dwindling."

ELite_Ghost4329d ago

"pretty expensive for a console", 360 costs the same.

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The story is too old to be commented.