Sony Still Considering Different PlayStation 3 SKU Options

Marcus Yam writes - Sony sitting on different PlayStation 3 model choices

With retailer reports indicating the impending discontinuation of the 80GB PlayStation 3, many are left wondering what will come to take the place of Sony's high-end console SKU. Supposed insiders are pointing to a new model with a 120 to 160GB hard drive and the new DualShock 3 controller, though Sony denies such plans.

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season0075870d ago

Sony PS3 w/BC and Sony PS3 w/o BC...
that's it, HDD update is just adjustment to the harddrive market....there is nothing much else to change anyway

mintaro5870d ago

i know this is purley asthetics, but the only sku i want(if it can be called an sku) is the ceramic 40gb white PS3 in NA

Spike475870d ago

Sony really needs to just find a price and keep it at that.

They should make bundles but not new skus, some people have'nt bought a ps3 because they think the price will go down again which it will.

Le-mo5870d ago

I don't care what model they release as long as they don't drop b/c. My PS2 is reaching the end of its lifetime and I don't want to leave my 40+ games lying around. 120-160GB White Ceramic with the Boomerange Shock control would be nice. A man can dream can he?

Bnet3435870d ago

Here's what I want:

Price - $300
wifi, full BC, any size HDD since its upgradable. What's so hard about that? I'd buy one if it was like that.

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The Best Pirate-Themed Video Games (Not Skull and Bones)

BY JASON MONROE: The very best pirate-themed video games that you should play instead of the disappointment that is Skull and Bones.

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thorstein1d 1h ago

PoE: Deadfire, Unless you have a or PS5 or an SSD don't bother, loading times are insane. A minute and a half to go into a room to investigate a desk in an inn and then an additional 1 1/2 minutes to leave the room and then load to leave the inn???

And they never fixed it.


Square Enix Terminates 10,000 FFXIV Accounts Due to RMT

ESTNN writes: "On the eve of FFXIV's highly-anticipated Final Fantasy 15 collaboration event, the developers issued a statement on the game's official forum about the latest wave of player bans."

jznrpg1d 22h ago

RMT ruins the economy for people who aren’t paying for in game money. Prices sky rocket for items. They really need to come up with a system that prevents in game money/item sales and still be able to trade items. I’m sure it can be done but the cost to do it is the issue.

SegaSaturn6691d 22h ago

One thing I do to combat this is not play.

antikbaka1d 8h ago

Remember, dudes, game companies have no issues if you pay money to THEM to "save the time"
But how dare you pay to somebody else.

cammers19951d 4h ago

Hackers are crying in moms basement now


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