Sony Still Considering Different PlayStation 3 SKU Options

Marcus Yam writes - Sony sitting on different PlayStation 3 model choices

With retailer reports indicating the impending discontinuation of the 80GB PlayStation 3, many are left wondering what will come to take the place of Sony's high-end console SKU. Supposed insiders are pointing to a new model with a 120 to 160GB hard drive and the new DualShock 3 controller, though Sony denies such plans.

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season0075477d ago

Sony PS3 w/BC and Sony PS3 w/o BC...
that's it, HDD update is just adjustment to the harddrive market....there is nothing much else to change anyway

mintaro5477d ago

i know this is purley asthetics, but the only sku i want(if it can be called an sku) is the ceramic 40gb white PS3 in NA

Spike475477d ago

Sony really needs to just find a price and keep it at that.

They should make bundles but not new skus, some people have'nt bought a ps3 because they think the price will go down again which it will.

Le-mo5477d ago

I don't care what model they release as long as they don't drop b/c. My PS2 is reaching the end of its lifetime and I don't want to leave my 40+ games lying around. 120-160GB White Ceramic with the Boomerange Shock control would be nice. A man can dream can he?

Bnet3435477d ago

Here's what I want:

Price - $300
wifi, full BC, any size HDD since its upgradable. What's so hard about that? I'd buy one if it was like that.

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The story is too old to be commented.