GTA Movie Rumors Shot Down By Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto creators Rockstar Games shot down rumors Tuesday (February 5) that a GTA movie starring Eminem was almost green-lighted last year.

On Tuesday night, Variety reported that "a deal was virtually in place with one of the six major movie studios" to begin development of a GTA movie, possibly starring Eminem. But the deal, according to the report, fell through for unknown reasons.

Reached for comment by MTV News, Dan Houser, vice president of creative at Rockstar, said no movie was ever in the works. "Not as far as we are concerned," he said via e-mail. "Some movie producers were trying to put something together to entice us to make a movie, as studios and production teams frequently have done in the past. This proposal was no more interesting than the numerous others we receive. We never entertained proceeding with the project."

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big04331d ago

I think a tv series or a cartoon series would be better than a movie. I prefer a GTA game but I dont think a movie would do it justice.

tweaker4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

I'm glad these rumors were shot down. Game to movie transitions sucks.

Instead why not render an entire movie using the consoles hardware. Give us users the ability to control the camera if we wanted to. That would be pretty sweet regardless if the story sucked or not. lol

kewlkat0074331d ago

was a great depiction of Scarface...

San Andreas: was really "Boyz in the Hood".

The game is so open-ended that you could look at most TV shows or past movies and there goes your cliche.

big04331d ago

@tweaker That sounds cool they could even let you make choices that would change the story.

jinn4331d ago

i thought the movie was called Taxi Driver