AT&T Hikes Broadband Rates

AT&T will raise rates for most of its major broadband plans in its 13-state legacy region starting in March, the company said this week.

Prices won't increase for AT&T's Elite service, which currently goes for $34.99 a month when bundled with home phone and $38.99 per month when ordered as stand-alone, according to AT&T spokesperson Brad Mays.

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WAR_MACHINE774327d ago

AT&T has been pissing me off left and right recently. First they decide they want to monitor your service so you don't DL anything copyrighted and now they want to charge more? Screw AT&T in the ear. I'm going back to cable.

ITR4327d ago

Won't matter Charter and Comcast are doing it too.
Eventually they will all do it.
They probably get paid to do it for the studios.

Gish4327d ago

It makes a wombat sad.

acertainkid1024327d ago

That is sad.I'm leaving at&t their starting to piss me off. Even if its only 5 dollars. Give us a warning at least

xionpunk4327d ago

Hooray for dorm internet.

grifter0244327d ago

What you guys mad about that is still sh1t loads less then what I pay and my internet is CR4P!!!!!!!

I have Satellite and I am paying 75 for 768K! Be happy your still paying less for mine...the only gripe I have about that is you dont get the exact amount you pay for cousin has 6G but usually gets 4 talk about a waste of money.

PS: before anyone says get a diff internet I cant I live in the boonies and nothing gets here...ohh and it's a piece of sh1t I am getting like 300kb right now!

bumnut4327d ago

i hope i dont bump into you on xbox live!!! (or psn)