LittleBigPlanet Vita - Review

Sackboy is now ready to take on Sony's latest console, the PlayStation Vita. But is the leap from PlayStation 3 to Playstation Vita too large for Sackboy, or is Playstation Vita and Sackboy the perfect marriage ..?

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GribbleGrunger3137d ago

Even if you don't like creating or think that LBP is for kids, you should buy this for the thousands of free App store games you'll get in a few weeks

mafiahajeri3137d ago

Thousands? Getting a little hopeful are we? There werent 50 amazing levels in lbp 2 for one why are you expecting 1000s is beyond me. Most levels are rubbish.

GribbleGrunger3136d ago

Yes, thousands. Clearly you're not well connected

PATRIOT7ME3137d ago

app store games? these levels are going to be sold on the psn store?

mafiahajeri3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Well connected? lol do you have a group of underground group of creators? Creator club? lol. I thought your first rule was not to talk about creator club!? ;D

All joking aside there s no way there was even a 1000 levels that were worth playing on the original or part 2 100's maybe.

Ill check out LBP vita tomorrow and see for myself I hope your right. You can stay here and boast and gloat about playing 1000s of levels before everyone ;D