Watch No More Heroes Lose Gallons Of Blood

Kotaku writes:
Want to see what Wii owners in Europe and Japan are missing out on, in terms of flowing rivers of blood, decapitations and amputations? Then watch xserothx's No More Heroes Death Scene Comparison clips for a study in regional censorship. This is grisly stuff, folks, and not for the faint of heart of virtual murder. Anyone wary of spoilers should skip 'em, as they're essentially every boss fight in the game.

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TruthbeTold4322d ago

I'm glad I have the U.S. version. Gore and violence doesn't make the game, but the bloodless version is an insult imo.

tonsoffun4322d ago

I dunno man, while I hate the cencorship of any game, I do think that the stylised, non graphic version kinda fits into the overall feel of the game.

Blank10174322d ago

I think the over the top violence makes the most sense with the style of the game. every other aspect is made to be on the borderline of absurd and at several points the game makes fun of itself and games like it by overdoing jokes or overemphasizing something (like the insane amount of blood)

and lets face it, its a game about an assassin (or wanna be assassin anyway) NO blood seems very odd.

but I'm glad they have the other version, I would rather people play the toned down version then not be able to play it at all 'cause its a great game.