N4G Joins Future U.S.' GamesRadar Network

Some of you have already red the press release that Future US sent out this morning, so it looks like they beat us to the announcement. But here it is again from our perspective.

First of all we are of course very excited that N4G now is a part of Future’s GamesRadar Network. For those of you who are not familiar with Future, they are the publisher behind magazines such as PC Gamer, Official Xbox Magazine, Playstation The Offical Magazine, Nintendo Power, EDGE to name a few, and websites such as, and

That Future has made an equity investment in N4G does not mean that Future has bought N4G. I see some sites are reporting that, but that is not accurate. As a company who specializes in games magazines and websites, Future has made an investment into N4G Network AS, which means they believe in the site/network and want to invest in its pun intended.

So what does this mean for N4G, and will the site change? As a company we will get access to a lot of new resources which will help us further develop the site and the new network. Running a website on the scale of N4G takes a lot of resources, so growing the company by making new partnerships is a natural path to take.

For you the members this new partnership with Future should only be good news. You can expect the site to become even better with new site features added, more contests, and some really cool new sites that we currently are developing for the N4G Network. Also look out for the new GamesRadar website launching this Thursday, from what I have seen it will be a huge improvement. 

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all the N4G contributors and members for making N4G what it is. We the dev team can only do our best to develop a site that is fun and easy to use, and luckily for us this requires hardly any work according to the internet ;).  It is you guys that give the site life and content, so we are extremely happy that so many of you decided to join the site to take part in building what has now become N4G. 


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TnS5415d ago

Joystiq were a bit critical with that post. :)

ErcsYou5415d ago

Its because they are haters.... They are just mad that i visit N4G every single day . I go to joystiq maybe 2-3 times a month..
N4G is the future

Happy to hear about the good news, maybe we might get some N4G exclusives in the near future

The Wombat5415d ago

I can tell you for sure that we have some cool stuff coming down the pipe on the N4G podcast, so keep your ears peeled.

BTW Congrats again Dusty on everything....This is easily the best game site on the net.

games4fun5415d ago

i agree i actually like this site because even if something is one sided usually someone else can easily post a contrary article and have it pass through unlike in a lot of sites that just plain out and out want only their one view posted at if your going to be fanboyish at least let both fanboyish sides post

Le-mo5415d ago

Can't wait to see the new improvements even though N4G is already perfect the way it is.

Blasphemy5415d ago

Well this means that this site is becoming big. It has grown alot since I first started posting here.

IzKyD13315415d ago

nothings changing atleast

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The story is too old to be commented.