Bully: Scholarship Edition Achievements and Screens

On March 4 Xbox 360 owners are going back to school with the release of Rockstar Games' Bully: Scholarship Edition. A port of the critically acclaimed PlayStation 2 title, the Xbox 360 version of Bully adds eight new missions, a competitive multiplayer mode, new classes and clothes. And, of course, Bully: SE also has Achievements.

Bully: Scholarship Edition has 38 Achievements totally 1000 Gamerpoints. Don't expect to earn every Achievement just by beating the game. If you want them all, you have got some serious work to do. Among the Achievements is the goal of kissing 20 other boys (beware of cooties) and nailing 50 people with stink bombs.

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Deios4326d ago

How do they come up with this lame achievements? I can hear it now: "Hey I kiss 20 boys and I still didn't unlock the achievement"
Should I kiss more boys just incase I counted wrong? lol.