3DMark Vantage : Developer's Diary

The next generation of computer benchmarks is on its way and the results are a must see!

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mighty_douche4329d ago

Found it quite interesting, some nice info on Dx9 Vs. Dx10 in there so thought id share it with you guys!

Cant wait for its release.

pwnsause4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

pretty good vid, he basically described on why Dx10 is not really being taken to the extreme, which is that the PC games that are being made today also use Dx9 (except crysis which is built upon dx10, but could be downgraded to play on dx9) . cant wait to see actual dx10 only graphics with the next-gen 3dmark

JsonHenry4328d ago

I would buy this when it comes out... but it requires you to have vista. I guess once I see enough reviews of the new service pack (positive reviews) then I will think about it.

The screen shots on the official site though... LOOK REAL!! Not CGI, but almost damn near real.

GIJeff4329d ago

ms will push for dx 11 soon.

Crazyglues4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

I am really glad he explained DX9 vs DX10 because I think that was really important to help understand why we do or do not need Dx10.

Pretty cool. I wish Microsoft could have explained it that well, saying that you really need to make the game from the ground up to really take advantage of DX10. And this probably explains why Crysis does not really use DX10 in that way.

But instead just adds the DX10 layer.(which is why there is a hack to just get those features in DX9 for Crysis) That is important because it's just like someone saying their game runs on PS3 or it was designed from the ground up on PS3. -It makes a big difference.

So I'm excited to see what kind of game 3D Mark will make now. Because if anyone understands Graphics and how to make them the best they can be it's these guys. (Let's just hope they can also nail the gameplay aspect also)

All in all great video, Thanks for posting this..

Crazyglues4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

You need to have the divx web player installed to view this. It's free so just download if you don't have it.

And then here is that link to the video i posted above. -

Now what would Crysis probably have looked like if it was done on DX10 from the ground up -