Fifa Street 3 Video Review

If you have ever played any of EA Sport's street games then you know what you are getting into here. You are going to be playing an over the top, showboating, fast paced sports game with about half the normal amount of players on the field. So with that being said, you have a five person team and you play several different game types ranging from: headers and volleys where you score by volleying or heading the ball into the goal, Gamebreaker goals where only your Gamebreaker scores count, traditional timed games as well as a few other types.


Overall: 8
Now there are a couple of things missing from this game that if they were in I would have easily changed my score. The biggest thing missing for me was the ability to create a player. Now this might not be a big deal to you but it is to me. I feel that definitely ALL sports games must have this option and most other games for that matter. Its just adds more to the game when you get to actually put yourself or your alter ego in. The other thing missing to me was the sense of improvement over the previous Fifa Street. In this sequel we do have online play now and multi-player on the same system but other than that (and the obvious graphics boost) there is not much of a difference. Now with that said, that is not a bad thing. The previous Fifa Street was awesome, definitely one of the best games in the Street series. So to me this game is a must play, not a must buy but a must play. The reason for this is if you're not a soccer fan or a street fan I really think you should check this game out. You will most likely be surprised by how fun this game really is but there is always that chance that it might not click for you. If you are a fan of the Street series or a soccer fan, you really need to go pick up this game right now, you will have a blast and it's a great way to kill about 15 minutes and have a blast doing it.

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