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"Overall, Gundam Seed Battle Destiny is a decent robot action game, recommended for Seed fans and for anyone who enjoyed other romps in its universe. Gundam lovers will look past its problems, but said problems are likely deal breakers for anyone outside of the franchise fanbase." -PSLS

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knifefight3293d ago

I loved the Seed anime. I'm looking forward to a Gundam game coming out some day that just blows everyone away. Something on a home console that 4 people and pick up and cooperate or smash each other. So much potential.

Xof3292d ago

5/10? You've got to be kidding me. It's a very, very solid game with perfectly honed combat and a great deal of content. It only rates below an 8/10 if you're one of those moronic Gundam fanboys who lets your hatred of the Destiny anime taint everything associated with it.

@Knifefight: That's already happened. Several times. Zeonic Front, that one Dreamcast game (rise from the ashes?), and more recently, Gundam Senki.

Hicken3292d ago

Zeonic Front is still my favorite Gundam game ever.

As for the score, it's odd: these games aren't made for people outside the fandom, so why in the hell would you grade it like it was? Sounds like an 8/10 for franchise fans; isn't that the score it should get?