Football Manager 2007 to get network play on PSP

The follow up to last year's inaugural Football Manager Handheld promises to be stuffed with new feature, whilst also being easier to navigate and control.

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Still Playing: Football Manager Handheld – a Christmas ritual, and a welcome relapse

EDGE - Revisiting Football Manager has become a little Christmas ritual of mine, one which I look forward to (almost) as much as devouring a turkey luncheon or consuming life-threatening amounts of cheese. It is an indulgence I only allow myself over the festive season because playing Football Manager swallows such enormous swathes of time – time.

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Rob72743620d ago

Nice article.

2014 coming to Vita soon!


No Football Manager for PS Vita planned by SI Games

According to a forum post by an SI bunny, Sports Interactive has no plans for a PS Vita version of the massive selling Football Manager series. Despite doing great sales on the PSP (and still the current PSP No. 1 in the UK) over the years, the post says:
"Unfortunately there are no plans presently to do a Vita specific version of FMH at present, sorry."

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farhad2k84214d ago

This saddens me.
They made one for PSP, but no plans for the VITA?
Damn. Really like FM :(

MarcVaughan4212d ago

The mysterious person quoted was probably me; to put some more detail into things ...

At present there are no plans to do a Vita specific version of Football Manager Handheld at present.

The PSP version will however work fine on Vita.

So saying that there isn't a specific FMH game on vita is a bit like saying we don't do a specific iPhone4s version of FMH, yes its true - but most people are happy enough playing the 'standard' iOS version which works on an iPhone3g.

Hope this helps,

Marc Vaughan - SI Bunny (apparently :D)


Football Manager Handheld coming to Android

Widely-popular football managing sim makes it to Google's OS devices.