Backing The Wrong Horse

Is the grass greener on the other side? Having put up with the Xbox for many years now, I’m starting to wonder whether I should have kept my temper, and my patience, in check and held out for the arrival of the Playstation 3.

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Xperia_ion3423d ago

There is no wrong horse, they all have their ups and ups.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Xbox is fine. I prefer Playstation as a core gamer.

The last of us will be awsome!

After this generation I am compelled to get a ps4 next to my pc.

Azmatik3423d ago

Personally i like how the ps3 acts as a home multi-device such as a PC. 500gb HDD check, movie/porn downloading check, blu-ray check, battery-less controller check, hooked up to my 7.2 muteki surround sound and LG tv check, link blutooth to my phone check, free gaming and downloading themes on websites check. Has so many features its unreal, and im not even trolling its just so easy to point out all the bonuses i got with my ps3. All those dont even scratch the surface :D

CommonSense3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Takemymoney's use of the term "core gamer" doesn't make sense to me.

when i think of "core gamer" i think of people who are competitive and take gaming seriously. to me, nothing offers a hardcore, competitive gaming experience on consoles like gears of war and halo.

games like uncharted and last of us are high quality games, but i don't consider them games that appeal to the "core" as they can have a very broad appeal to anyone who wants a story driven game.

TBH, the best experience to appeal to the "core" is probably on PC. games like TF2, CS, Battlefield, etc..

Basically what i'm saying is that the definition of the term "core" can be so broadly interpreted that it's just a stupid choice of words.

@below: Lets look at the word "core." it means the central part. the origin of the whole. so if we look at gamers in general, we're talking about the entire community. at the core, there is a group of people who take it seriously, experience as much as possible, have probably been doing it the longest.

To me, that is what comes to mind when we use that word. not the mainstream. not the people who do it occasionally. the "core" would be the people who upgrade their pc every year to the latest video cards just so they can experience the best gaming has to offer. so to say "i prefer ps as a core gamer," sounds like you think the core of gaming exists on PS which couldn't be further from the truth. the truth is that if you are a core gamer, you will seek out the best experiences everywhere and not just limit yourself to story driven experiences or puzzles or rts or whatever.

i don't take issue with someone saying a core gamer would want to play a game like The Last of Us. I take issue with someone saying a core gamer would favor the ps3. there is no one place for a core gamer to reside. and if there were, it would be on PC.

i think it's safe to say we can all at least agree on one thing. the core gamer isn't on the Wii.

GameSpawn3423d ago


By "as a core gamer" I think he is referring to his "core" preference of games.

When I think of "core" gaming (from an individual standpoint) it means the sum of the genres that appeal to you. So in this sense the system which has a broader and larger selection that interests you is your core system. Though, this means the definition is subjective to each person's preferences.

If you think of "core" gaming from a larger group, it would (in my opinion) mean what group of genres are most popular on a given system for the majority of that system's owners. An example would be the trend of FPS's on 360 or Fighting games on the PS3. These are over simplified examples, but they should help paint a picture so to speak.

In the end, what is a "core gamer" really? We'll it depends on who's perspective your looking from, the individual, the publisher, the developer, or the game console manufacturer. There isn't just one type.

triplev163423d ago

I believe core gamer means someone who has an insane habit of playing all the games he/she can regardless of which console they own and regardless if they play competitively or solo. They more than likely have more than one console hooked up to a single television (including older generation tech), and have a large back log of games that have never been opened just in case a dry spell comes along. Kind of like myself LOL.

gaffyh3423d ago

@commonsense - All "core" really means is a gamer that will spend a significant amount of money on buying games regularly, as opposed to casual gamers who will probably buy Madden or FIFA each year and that's it for example.



Exactly, although hardcore may be hard to define, we can look at the direct oposite "casual" to define that a hardcore gamer is the person who spends a lot of time playing. It has nothing to do with where or what you play, but with how much you apply yourself to it. If you game a lot, be welcome to the club.

mewhy323423d ago

Well I prefer the ps3 for it's exclusive software but all my multi-console release titles are played on my Xbox 360.

EVILDEAD3603423d ago

Look I own all systems and if your a fanblogger who simply wants the PS3 so bad, then simply buy one.

This is a guy who say he bought a 360 in 06.

First he says he doesnt like the Halo and Gears, because he believes it Brainless gaming that HE claims is only played by Retarded, Homophobic, Racist, Teenagers.

He then says he won't play Fable because he has the same accent as the characters in the game.

Then later he pretends he played Gears 3 a 'little bit', but it's completely 'identical' to the game in 06'

But he 'likes' games on the PS3 like Metal gear Solid, Uncharted, and Killzone because he saw them on

This simply comes off as the usual flamebait as you can tell from the questions asked at the bottom of the article 'Do you wish you paid to play with your friends online?'

I bought 360 at launch, a Wii at launch and my PS3 around the Slim launch and own every game he says he 'watched on Youtube' plus plenty more gems that he didn't mention.

But, not one game experience on the PS3 or the Wii, makes me regret one second of gaming on the the 360.

Not one free minute on PSN makes me regret ANY second playing the 360 over Xbox Live with my Gold subscription.

Absolutely love Naughty Dog and Uncharted, but that doesn't take away from being a Hige Gears fan.

Loved the Heavy Rain experience, but loved every second of Alan Wake as well.

HUGE Halo fan and feel that what Bungie has done in the multiplayer realm still hasn't been topped this gen, but I'm not going to front on Killzone 2 & 3 and can't wait for the first game to get the HD treatment.

I salute the actual gamers who support gaming regardless of the sysyem because they love this hobby and not because it's just material for the usual elitists and haters.

Just my humble opinion...


sikbeta3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

The Industry is backing on PS4+XBX3 this time, not just 1, they're backing on Tech and to push it to the limit like they did this gen, this is good for most gamers...

HiddenMission3422d ago

Killzone says hi!

creeping judas3422d ago


Applause!! Applause!!

Very well said. I also have all three consoles, and enjoy each one of them in different ways. Each one provides me with entertainment, that doesnt make regret owning any of the other consoles. I would honestly be hard pressed to say which one is my favorite if I was forced to answer that question.

ABizzel13422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

This is my opinion, but as a gamer who has had all 3 consoles, I have to say the PS3 is my preferred gaming machine.

If I had to rank them it would be:

1. PS3: 8.8 / 10
2. Xbox 360: 8.4 / 10
3. Wii: 7.6 / 10

The Wii has Nintendo's great first party, but good third party support is hard to come by and online is the weakest of the three.

Xbox has great third party support, the best online service and great multimedia capabilities. But it's first party needs more exclusives and variety and XBL should be free seeing out PS3, Nintendo, and PC are all free. It's like paying for the other half of your game, and paying to access services (Facebook) / paid services (Netflix) that are free on your PC, PS3, and Wii.

Sony has the best first party support IMO, great third party support, and a solid online offering almost comparable to XBL and arguably better with PS+, blu ray . Sony's marketing team are letting the system down, and the community isn't as outspoken in the world (promoting Sony's amazing first party line-up of games) as they are online.

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darthv723423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

gaming (for me) is more than just buying a console and its games. That is the simplistic view of it. Its partly about experiences that differs from each other. You are not obligated to stick to one system just because you bought into it first.

I will start off a console gen with one platform but somewhere down the line I get the others as well. I enjoy gaming too much to be faithful to one platform. Im a console gigolo.

N311V3423d ago

I've considered getting an Xbox but there has never been an exclusive that made me want to part with my money. PS3 has kept me more than happy thus it'll be PS4 for me, time will tell if the next Xbox can tempt me.

JamieL3422d ago

@ Scottis
I just find it hard to swallow that any gamer could not find 1 game out of 127 exclusives that interest them. Just doesn't sound plausible. I mean you like games? Have you just ignored the 360’s offerings? I mean I will never question someone’s opinion, but none of these have appealed to you at all? Halo 3, ODST, Reach, Wars, Alan Wake, Lost Odyssey, Arcania: Gothic 4, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, Blue Dragon, Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath, Crackdown 1&2, Dead or Alive 4, Dead Rising, Earth Defense Force 2017, Fable 2-3, Forza 2,3,&4, Gears 1,2,or 3, Infinite Undiscovery, Kameo: Elements of Power, Left 4 Dead 1&2, Mass Effect, N3: Ninety-Nine Nights 1&2, Ninja Gaiden II, Over G Fighters, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Like I said everyone has a right to their own opinions, but you said, “ I've considered getting an Xbox but there has NEVER been an exclusive that made me want to part with my money”, and as a gamer I find it hard to believe none of these appeal to you. I guess it’s very likely you didn’t like them enough to drop that kind of money, but I have a feeling it has to do with more than that. Either you don’t have the money for it, or your parents just wouldn’t by you one, but I have a hard time believing that any gamer with the money to spare, would cut out a whole slew of games for that reason. That goes for any console, not just the 360.

adam_gamesfiends3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

That's got to be the most positive statement I've ever seen in video gaming discussion circles and the cheery thumbs up picture just adds to it :D

I have to admit I could never label the 360 a terrible idea or lay into it mindlessly the way others do during your typical flame war... but casually observing what each one has stacked up against the other I must say I envy the PS3 owner.

darth72 - good point, and it was a trick I missed when my 2nd 360 got the RROD and I needed to get a new one (just went out of warranty) - I should have used that as a convenient excuse to switch but as it happens there was a 360 going cheap where my wife worked (her colleague won it in a competition) so I felt compelled to carry on.

Captain Qwark 93423d ago

agreed. if you like games enough you find the income to buy both. problem solved. thats what ive been doing as long as ive been able to work ( well i bought all three from the last two gens and will continue to do so ).

i primarily play on 360 becuase i like the user interface far more, the controller too, and most of my friends have 360's. if i could only choose one though, it would still be my 360 for those same three reasons. they are big to me. would i miss out on a few exclusives, yeah but the xbla is nice, they still get some great exclusives like halo and gears ( when they are good which is liek every other game ), and live is still better ( not a better value but functionality is much better ). lastly, most fo the games i truly love are 3rd party anyway so i wouldnt miss much. the last ratchet blew chunks, the next one looks like it will too. uncharted is possibly the most over rated franchise ever ( its good but not great ), lbp sucks, i didnt care for metal gear 4, dont care for killzone, demon souls would have been sorely missed but dark souls came to 360, mag sucked, socom sucked, heavy rain would have been missed. god of war was just okay, not as good as the first two, id have been okay with missing it ( enjoyed dantes inferno and darksiders and even dmc4 far more ) and lastly.......last of us, that one i may have missed ( but wont and will buy day one cuase it looks excellent )

k-dillinger3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

@ Captain Qwark 9

guys like him is the reason xbox doesnt need exclusive games or even games at all they care more about the interface then the games for a gaming console smh i said if xbox didnt have not one game ppl here in america would still buy it and say its the best system ever cuz their friends have one lmao this mind frame needs to stop killing the gaming environment.

AusRogo3423d ago

Lbp sucks? Didn't care for mgs4? Have you even played them? And everything else you said... Interface? I respect opinions, but yours suck. Or you're trolling.

blumatt3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Yeah when a gamer says he prefers "features" and the "interface" over games, then you know something is wrong. LOL

Game consoles are supposed to be for games. When a company chooses to put its resources in making timed-exclusive content over making new IPs and exclusive games (not content), then something is wrong as well.

Sony DID start off slow. But, they've learned a LOT this generation. Expect a PS4 that's packed full of all the network features it was missing (There are a total of 2 things: Cross Game Chat and a Party system). It will be relatively cheap ($399 or so) at launch. It will have a slew of games at launch (just like the PS Vita). etc. etc. etc.

Sony will not make the same mistakes it made this generation. It's clear they learned a lot just based on the Vita's launch.

AngelicIceDiamond3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

I understand on this site, or any site for that matter that "Its a crime" not like those PlayStation games that he mentioned.

When people list there all time fave Xbox games they get disagrees or how come it can't be a "crime" not to like Xbox games?

Please, you guys need to understand preferences.

@K your statement gives the Xbox a compliment in a way. People buy Xbox because of there friends play it. Sounds a very simple and effective strategy. So the Xbox has an attractive online space then?

How does that "Mindset" kill anything? That makes no sense. As far as I'm concerned your playing exclusive games on the PlayStation and having a one of a kind experience. How is Xbox ruining your experience or gaming environment?

andibandit3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )


"ppl here in america would still buy it and say its the best system ever cuz their friends have one lmao "

yeah lets condemn people for wanting to play with their friends....good call.

For at lot of people the best place/system is where their friends are.......this may be hard for you to grasp if you have no friends.

nukeitall3423d ago


Problem is people like you is the one really ruining gaming. Why does gaming have to conform to the way you play?

I personally, don't enjoy a lot of the Playstation exclusives, but would never think that is ruining gaming in any way. Heck, not even the Wii is ruining gaming (which I enjoy a lot by the way).

Point being I like diversity and competition, not homegeneous gaming population. That would be a disservice to all of us gamers.

Also, I want to add that interface is equally as important as games. Why? The answer lies in why PC gamers moved to console gaming!

ravinash3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Sounds to me that it works like this.

If you like shooters or playing on line then Xbox is the one.

If you like a selection of games and enjoy single player then your better off with Playstation.

For the sake of this argument, if you like games, then you really need a PS3 because that has nearly all the games Xbox has, the on line play for free and all the extra IPs you wouldn't get on xbox.

Captain Qwark 93422d ago


xbox has plenty of exlusives for starters, just becuase sony fanboys pretend xbla doesnt exist and dont consider them "real" games doesnt change the fact that they are. example, the recently released mark of the ninja, dust, trails, spelunky, and minecraft. all excellent games, all cheap, and all can go toe to toe with many "real" games released. second most of the "real" games i enjoy happen to be third party titles liek the witcher 2, dark souls, darksiders 2, mass effect, borderlands, etc..... just becuase its not exclusive doesnt make it any less of a game. in fact combining those 3rd party titles with the wonderful interface, controller, and friends makes my gaming experience great


well its too bad we dont agree but it makes no difference to me, this site is pro sony, so are you i dont expect many people to agree when i comment. im indifferent, i may favor my xbox but i enjoy much of what ps3 offers, each has their strengths and weaknesses to me and i couldnt care less who favors which one. end of the day they both play games.

everything matters from time dlc, to exclusives, to interface, etc. how much it matters to each person varies, its that simple. you enjoy your ps3 and want to favor that, go for it nobody cares.


couldnt agree with the first two sentences more lol. esp if you talk negatively about uncharted on here. if the people on this site knew who you were in person im pretty sure they would burn you at the stake for it




thats a very primitive way of thinking. in the first couple years of xbox i would have agreed but these days it has much more than shooters.

dark souls
mark of the ninja
the witcher 2
batman aa and ac
dragon age 1 and 2
castlevania lords of shadow
darksiders 1 and 2
dantes inferno
lost odessey
banjo kazooie nuts and bolts
dance central ( a riot drunk )
star ocean 4
a couple ninja gaidens
the walking dead
kingdom of amalur
too human
viva pinata
shadow complex
armored core
wwe games
madden games
all other sports games
fable games
devil may cry
metal gear hd collection

just a few off the top of my head, just becuase they are not exclusives and some are arcade games once again doesnt make them any less of games. eventually you sony fanboys on n4g will hopefully realize this......

UnwanteDreamz3422d ago

Sony Fanboys?

Who's the guy posting lists and calling names. Your biased and it shows. Defending your console like it was a family member is stupid.

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guitarded773423d ago

@ Xperia_ion

That's why I have a stable. :D

showtimefolks3423d ago


i agree all 3 id things that were wrong and right, but i also think and hope each one learned from their own mistakes and from other's to make their future products better.

I think the expections on PS3 were unfair because everyone expected PS2 all over again but i think sony had gotten a bigger head and thought they were above others so it was a good wake up call. But since 2007-2008 in my opinion they have had more support for core gamers than either Nintendo or MS.

let's see what wii-u does right at launch one thing i am looking forward to seeing is what have they learned from MS and Sony about launching a user friendly online service, we all know it took some time for PSN to improve and i hope we won't have to go though the same thing with wii-u online store.

learn from past mistakes and improve your future products/services. That should be the right business model. No one is perfect only blind fanboys think they systems are perfect

Jazz41083423d ago

I could care less what fanboys think. If you believe like I do as a multi console owner tbat the 360 is the best then you will be crucified on n4g as its more or less a ps3 fansite. All you have to do is goto all to get your ps3 news which tells you something right there and then look at the agrees vs disagrees to pro xbox vs pro sony. Take my comment for instance as it will be disagreed with and hated as its not pro sony. The 360 is by far imo the best console of the three by far as I have said before the ps3 is a mess as sony did not expect online to be big and tacked everything on as a afterthought as no respictable company would intentially design a video game system to be all over the place with partial game installs, No cohesiveness with games to work with online just left up to devs, copied and added trophies late and still have a horrible communication system and slow downloads for a system that requires them everytime you turn it on. The ps3 is a mess and maybe if n4G Was more neutral people would open there eyes like many have putting sony as a leader in gaming and electronics to a company barley alive, dead last when they should be first by a long shot, and almost bankrupt. Arrogance and sloppy planning has put them there and its obvious when you are not on n4G that alot of gamers prefer the 360 espescially the multi console owners when you get off this biased site.

Aceman183423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )


yea no i have consoles, but i prefer my PS3 over my little used 360 because of the variety of exclusives and the fact that i refuse to pay to play online when im already paying my cable provider to use my online service.

im definitely getting the Wii U a couple of months after launch, and the other next gen console I'll be getting is the next playstation because of the different games it will offer me.

you claim PS3 is a mess but us objective people know your words are false.

showtimefolks3422d ago


were you here on n4g between 2005-2007 than you know how this site use to be run by and for xbox360 fanbase. See how i didn't call anyone fanboys.

I pay my internet bill
i buy new games and use online codes
buy use and buy online codes
support a family
so why should i have to pay another 5-60 just to go online when others are doing it for free? I could careless about apps or espn since i have cable for that.

this is my question to all gamesr who can think logically, this gen i bought xbox360 and ps3 at launch but i am not buying xbox720 because i rather get wii-u. Reason you ask

I am super excited about being able to play Nintendo Exclusives in HD and i am a long time PS fan so ps4 is a day one whenever it launches.

MS has lost me in last 3 years because they have totally forgotten about us and gone with kinect this and kinect that or better with kinect. WE us the people on these gaming sites are CORE GAMERS and one thing we all want are games and exclusive games. All the money MS is paying Activision and Bethesda for exclusive DLC and the supposed Big amount they paid for GTA 4 should have gone towards actual development of new games or new studios.

They have turned Rare into price of crap and Rare use to be one of the top developers.

I am tired of new halo,gears and forza which has replaced fable. Look at sony and look at Nintendo while they do being their established IP's, they also making new IP's and i don't think that's what MS is aiming for they want to in the middle of you LIVING ROOM FOR ALL ENTERTAINMENT MACHINE NOT JUST GAMING. For a GAMING CONSOLE it needs to be supported with games.

if i can get the same game next gen on wii-u or ps4 and with both of those i can get excellent exclusives why should i or anyone else waste more on xbox720.


TheBrownBandito3423d ago

"Favourite games to play are FPS games and anything with a deep and compelling story with a world that draws you in."

That sums me up and I guess probably 90% of gamers. I think they are both great consoles but to me it is only the controller preference that prevents me from picking up a 360, in order to play with some of my PS3less friends.

OmegaSlayer3423d ago

IF people wouldn't have dissed the PS3 so quickly (players, media, developers) and would have had more farsight, this gen would have been really better

Stansolo3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

My plan was to get both the 360 and Ps3, I had the 360 first because the Ps3 was a bit lame the first year of release but now the Ps3 shines.
To me I think they are as good as each other, great games on both.
I only buy exculsives for Ps3 and all multiformat on xbox360.

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TiberiusGill3423d ago

Going to have to pick up a coke habit to dispose of all your disposable income?
...Or you could just buy the Playstation you've been kicking yourself for not buying over the course of 5 years...

hkgamer3423d ago

not disposable income... just all of his income...

on a more on topic note, i think gamer ID's and trophies/achievements has made other people not want to buy the other console. the previous generation didnt have that so nobody was commited to any console at all.

Bowzabub3423d ago

I think you're right on.. I noticed Nintendo is coming with their version of achievements/trophies. They'd be stupid not to.

Ares84HU3423d ago

I love the part where he writes that he isn't a long term planner and he is more like a guns blazing burn the bridges kind of guy and yet he wrote that he doesn't like "mindless" games like Gears of War and Halo.

I think he doesn't know what he likes :D

adam_gamesfiends3423d ago

You possibly hit the nail on the head there, difficult to make sensible balanced decisions when you don't know whether you are coming or going ;)

I prefer my gaming to be the polar opposite of how I conduct my life, which is chaotically and without direction... unfortunately being strategically challenged means that I continually suck at Real Time Strategy games :(

Ares84HU3423d ago

You should take care of that problem as fast as you can. Having no direction in this life is a major problem. There are people who could help you fix this.

JamieL3422d ago

@ Ares84HU
He was saying that’s how he likes his games Chaotic and without direction, the "polar opposite" of his life. This suggest his life is orderly and has direction.

RivetCityGhoul3423d ago

i agree with Halo being over-hyped but so is killzone. i can't stand neither.

Captain Qwark 93423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

halo is overhyped but ive enjoyed some of those titles. for me...

halo ce = amazing, deserved the hype for its time
halo 2=shit sp / best mp ever
halo 3=solid sp/solid mp. as a package perhaps better than the first two but the sp to ce was better and the mp of h2 was better.
w/e the name of the other expansion= sucked / firefight was amazing though
reach=blew chunks in everyway

now killzone, well the whole series sucks. its mediocre at best

RivetCityGhoul3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

eh i like resistance Better than killzone

Resitance:FoM - a classic imo especially for a launch title good sp/ awesome mp

Resistance 2 - shit sp/good mp

Reistance 3 - AMAZING SP (except for the ending)/shit mp

killzone singleplayer is boring and the community ruined the mp. killzone 2 had nothing but grenade spamming and killzone 3 everyone abuses the mines and just lays them all across the f****** map.

Azmatik3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Ummm man am i missing something? Because Killzone is an amazing fps....

Rumplebumpkin3423d ago

Don't worry AzmatiK, I doubt that Captain Kwark has ever played the Killzone series.

Just like all of the other PS3 Exclusives that he denigrated in an earlier post.

ItsTrue3423d ago

Geeze what a fanboyish comment, and I could be considered a xbox or halo fanboy.

A-Glorious-Dawn3423d ago

wow, harsh..

Killzone may be in my top 3 FPS's this gen...

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Congratulations Cpt. I freaking hate you. Instead of taking the high road & saying something along the lines of "I pretended to have played the Killzone and came to the conclusion that i have no interest in it" You go ahead and put up a troll comment that insults one of my top 3 favorite FPS this gen. AND for that i freaking harbored some crazy hate towards not only you but towards the real Captain Copernicus Leslie Qwark aswell. so for that, congratulations.....

Captain Qwark 93423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

lmao becuase i dont like killzone or several other ps3 exclusives im a troll and fanboy??? first its my opinion, second theres a long list of overhyped xbox exclusives that i think blow chunks too, like reach, gears 1 & 3, fable 3, and if it had more im sure i would dislike them too. does this mean im a wii fanboy now???? oh wait, my list of disliked games is even longer for that system. everyone has diff opinions people, get over it. oh and i dont like call of duty either

@rumblebumkin, hate to break it to you dude but i have. now admittedly i did not finish them but its becuase i got bored and while i only borrowed 1 and 3 i actually bought into the hype and purchased k2, that was a mistake

and for the record there are plenty of ps3 exclusives that i really enjoy like
demon souls
3d dot heroes
mod nation racers
uncharted 1 and 2 ( just dont think they are the 20's that everyone else does )
ratchet and clank ftod, crack in time
heavy rain
eye of judgement
infamous 1 ( will play 2 eventually )
god of war origins ( well plan to play )
socom 4 ( played the beta, lets be clear, confrontation sucked )

anyway thats a longer list of games i enjoy to games i dont. just becuase im not a fan of the more popular titles becuase they are all way over rated imo doesnt make me a fanboy. get over it people, hell my name is based off of one of sonys ips, its even the same on xbl

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DEATHxTHExKIDx3423d ago

Its good to have both. Not everyone can but if ur lucky or can afford both Id go for it. My 360 is mostly for online play as most of my friends own a 360 and its eaiser to connect with them thru it. MY PS3 is for the wide genre of exclusives it has. However I cannot back the wii cause there is just too few games I want to play on it so I borrow it from my friend or just play at their house.

RivetCityGhoul3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

i only have a 360 to play fallout, its virtually unplayable on my PS3 for me, too much constant freezing