Microsoft to Build Consumer Version of Surface PC

EE Times writes:

"Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Monday that the company is looking to create a version of its Surface tabletop computer for consumers.
'We've had more pushback to get a consumer version of the Surface than you can shake a stick at,' Ballmer said at a meeting with financial analysts. 'We will follow our noses in terms of consumer interest and make a set of investments to try to take some steps toward making Surface a consumer product.'"

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Gamingshouldbefun4328d ago

its an interesting idea but way to unpractical, there is very little point in it and also something like this will cost more than average person can keep instead of a table.. and I dont see any use in it.

BloodySinner4328d ago

... kinda' like the Apple iPod. Yet a lot of people own one. Myself included.

Apple took the risk of taking a simple gadget (mp3 player) and transformed it to something slightly different. Now look at where they are today!

SKUD4328d ago

I don't remember seeing a porn button on it. So much for "consumer interest" .

PeeboDaKilla4328d ago

If apple did it you people would take a skeet to the face just to be the first in line to buy it.

Shankle4328d ago

Agreed, this is one of the coolest and biggest revolutions in computer design that there has ever been, and people are just passing it off as a microsoft gimmick.

Though it must be said that reading text off that thing will be very bad for your back....

mighty_douche4328d ago

To expensive and to unpractical, oh and the first time your mate puts his coffee on it you'll s#it a brick!

Mind you, if money was no object....

yamamoto1144328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

The first time your mate puts his coffee on it, the table will recognize it as a cup of coffee and produce cute little effects in response, such as ripples and little bubbles being produced from the base of the cup.

Do your research. Microsoft's not stupid enough not to protect the table surface from spills.

mighty_douche4328d ago

Do my research? dont assume me to be a noob.

I know my iphone is stratch resistant, but i still wouldnt want my mate going at it with a key! i didnt say it would damage it did i?

randomGuyOnline4328d ago


Microsoft Surface isn't magic. It doesn't just magically recognize anything you put on it. It needs something to read, in order to recognize and start all the effects.

"The camera can also recognize objects placed on the surface if those objects have specially-designed "tags" applied to them."

Only objects with "tags" are recognized by the Surface PC.

So I don't think this would be practical in the consumer market. It's just a touch screen computer in a table, right? Although, the business market might make use of something like this.

BTW, I do agree that the components inside of the Surface table will be protected from spills and other such accidents. Microsoft's not dumb enough to do something like that. I mean, how much would this table cost to ship? It's got to be very expensive, and a pain to ship back if broken, for both parties(Microsoft and the consumer)involved.

4328d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.