Plague Inc. Review | "I’m a big strategy gamer at heart with my roots closely tied to X-COM and Civilization. So when a game has global ramifications I pretty much always sink my teeth into it. And Plague Inc deliverers! In Plague Inc., you are the plague and you get to choose and select what symptoms are seen and how the disease is transmitted through the world. Everything from making the human population cough and sneeze its way into a global pandemic situation to causing the disease to be silently transmitted by birds and livestock. Even the air and water supplies are at your command. Then once you have the world infected you can release your deadly combination of symptoms by causing tumors and fevers, total organ failure, ruptured lesions or (my personal favorite) combining diarrhea and insanity and causing the people of earth to run around in the streets and crap their pants off. Resulting in the well deserved achievement “Brown Streets”."

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