Got-Next Reviews Trauma Center: New Blood

Got-Next writes:

"When it works, though, which is more often than not, Trauma Center: New Blood is a fun and rewarding challenge. Each patient is something different, but the theme of the game keeps Trauma Center from becoming yet another minigame-fest. You can choose to play as Markus or Valerie at the start of most operations, and their special power of the healing touch can change the entire flow of the surgery. The new co-op mode even enables two-player simultaneous surgery, making certain levels much easier so long as you and your friend have decent communication skills. Add in full online ranking for each operation to the always-available level select and New Blood gains some major replay value. Just don't forget to bring a cool head, steady hand, samurai reflexes (like ninja reflexes, but much cooler), and the patience of a saint. It turns out that killing people is a lot easier than putting them back together."

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