Major, Console-Breaking Freezing Issues For NHL 13 On PS3?

EA's NHL 13 could be plagued with some pretty nasty glitches that make the game unplayable on some PS3 models, even going as far as damaging them.

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unworthy153200d ago

That's absolutely horrible, EA should address the issue ASAP! Especially since it was already in NHL 12. How can they sell a game that doesn't work on all consoles? I thought they were all built the same way.

MaxXAttaxX3200d ago

Naughty Dog found a bug/glitch that affected only the old PS3 models while making Uncharted 3. But they addressed the issue and fixed it before releasing the game.

Vinc3603200d ago

I certainly hope they address the situation, I'll hold off on writing my review for now, otherwise I'll be forced to take off a couple points for such a major failure. At least most players aren't experiencing issues.

Dark_Overlord3200d ago

No offense, but this is the state they have released the game in and as such it should be reviewed that way :)

Vinc3603200d ago

I most definitely will review the game while taking that into consideration, but actually playing the product on a "compatible" PS3 would be more responsible considering the majority of PS3 owners that have those models.

black9113200d ago

Maybe their doing it on purpose preparing for a new model or System???

Skate-AK3200d ago

They should at least have one of everymodel of PS3 to test their games on.

nitrogav3200d ago

Not good to say that there is rumoured to be a NHL 13 PS3 bundle !! . Oh dear .

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