Why Xbox 360 Won 2007, Not Wii

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Who's winning the console war right now? If you answered "Wii", then guess again.

Although the Wii has indisputably made its way into more homes than the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3, it should not be considered the most successful console of this generation so far. No, I'm not trying to trip you up, either: Nintendo DS is not the answer. Despite falling a few million units behind in terms of console sales, the Xbox 360 is actually winning this generation. Let me explain why.

There's more to winning the console race than simply selling more units than your competitors. This has always been a fact, but was more difficult to see in the two-competitor, Sega/Nintendo or Sony/Nintendo eras, because the winner in both cases just so happened to sell more units. Indeed, there is obviously a strong correlation between overall success and the number of consoles sold. A more fair system in today's environment, though, would be to look at five different metrics.

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Boink4816d ago

really good article, makes some great points.

mikeslemonade4816d ago

The 360 gamer won. Microsoft did not beat Nintendo. You want to talk about investments? A console with unmet demand after more than a year beats any of Miscrosoft's investments.

masterg4816d ago

It's hard to take an article serious when they start by only using US numbers. The only place where the 360 is doing well.
Secondly. It's a lot better to sell $100 worth of merchandise if you only had to spend $50 than it is to sell $1.000.000 if you had to spend $2.000.000.

There is only one winner when it comes to making any kind of money, and that is Nintendo.

In 3rd party support the 360 had a great year in 07, but look at 08, it's not looking bad, it's looking brutal.

The attach rate is the only thing where the 360 truly excels, lets leave it at.

Mr_Kuwabara4816d ago

Great read, and I liked that big WAWOOP at the end seeing a section of the PS3.

yamamoto1144816d ago

I also concur. This is an intelligent article from an unbiased analyst. We need more articles like this on N4G.

Man, I am so glad I'm not in the Hardcore Zone.

PS360WII4816d ago

Revenue really. Well they can make 4 billion but how much is that in gross? I'm sure Nintendo still grosses more even though they make less. Attachment rate yes 360 has it. Return of value is subjective. Fun article but it's written by a guy who really likes his 360. A different article could be written saying the opposite for each of the others.

darkshiz4816d ago

I know for damn sure Wii won.
It beat 360 even with its "1 year headstart" and passed it by millions about 3-4 million.

Douchebaggery4816d ago

Nintendo is the only one making money on every console they sell and they sold way more than MS so.....

yamamoto1144816d ago


"The console race is not as clear cut as it looks. In a three-console environment, it's important to look past the simple "units sold" number, and dig deeper for the facts. Let's hope that 2008 provides just as interesting an environment for gaming as 2007 did."

MattyF4816d ago

That was a great read. Very insightful and made great points.

The Killer4816d ago (Edited 4816d ago )

ok and yes higher attach rate but that due to the nature of 360 owners that they are hardcore gamers and had twice and more install base in the beginning of 2007 than the ps3 so its obvious the 360 will have higher attach rate!
plus this year suppose to be a historical year for the 360 with the release of their biggest games in history(suppose), yet ps3 with high price and no games and bad online community sold more than 360!

i based on those facts i can call the 360 a failure console and brought nothing more than xbox except the upgrade in CPU and GPU!

one more thing they talk about the 360 owners spending more money on 360 but u know why? other than they are hard core gamers they also spend extra money to buy the same game that their console damaged and with buying new consoles because of RROD(before they got the 3 year warranty) and the extra money they pay for live every damn year!

zambrota4816d ago

x360 was the LEAST SELLING console in the world IN 2007 and it won 2007????

Nintendo wii sold the most HW on a global basis

PS3 came second with 8.83 million units

x360 was the third with 7.63m units

PS3 OUTSOLD the x360 by 1m units on a WORLDWIDE basis not to even mention the WII


JOLLY14816d ago (Edited 4816d ago )

a$$hatting. The article made some very valid points. 360 made money per console, before ps3. The wii has always made a profit, but lacks attach rate. So, with such a large attach rate and making money per console sold, Microsoft had a stellar year.

Aww, I have a disagree follower, how cute

Sez 4816d ago

is this the excuse that every sonyfanboy uses."the only reason why 360 sold the amount of unit it did. is because people are replacing there broken ones". don't you guys think of something new. is that the reason why the ps2 sold as many as it did. because of the dre issues.what about ps1's is that the same case. use some common sense(in your case it's hard) maybe people like the 360 and the games it has out. sony only came in second because of the two price drops and promotional giveaways with HDTV. i bet if MS would have gave away a 360 with the purchase of XP or vista then you would be saying that MS is desperate to move units.

ForTheFallen4816d ago

How about the fact that the 360 was released a year earlier with NO competition?

The Brave 14816d ago

yeah sure!If Microsofts strategy was to sell less units in 2007 than 2006 despite having its best games ,than yeah they!

ruibing4816d ago

I don't really care about the other stuff you say, but you really shouldn't bring up the attach rate without mentioning the fact that its for twice the length of ownership in comparison to the other two consoles.

candystop4816d ago

Of course they disagreed with you because there all on edge and have been for the last two years! They want the PS3 to do good and win no matter what and will right off any good 360 news as not true and any positive PS3 news as the only truth! Last year was the year of 360 wether people want to face it or not and this year is said to belong to Sony but we all know that as of now it can go either way! I still wonder why Sony fans to this day are so defensive and to prove a point every freaking day!

captainjy4816d ago

Funny how the "least" selling console, had the most games, the highest attach rate and made the most money even with the RROD issues. All the while, Phony has continued to drop prices in less than a year after launching because they spent too much time on Blu-Ray.

LastDance4816d ago

Vega maybe the reason every1 says it is because Ummmmm let me thinkkkkkkkkkk ITS TRUE???....Sh!t you have no sense. I dont knwo any REAL gamer.. and by real i mean some1 whos been playing games since they were a child. Has played through the classics and knows the pioneers of the video game business.. any real gamer who likes the 360. You know what the 360 is.. its a trend .. a fad. Its cool to have a 360.

Like 15 year olds now days who think they know everything about 80s music haha. where they only found out about it 10 minutes ago.

xbox has no soul. Its all fake.

LastDance4816d ago

Oh its so funny I quote what an xbox user said to me 2 days ago.

"Halo was the first FPS to let people use vehicles"
And no im not making this up!


Sez 4816d ago (Edited 4816d ago )

you are very ignorant.i am a real gamer. i have been playing games since probably you were a twinkle in your fathers eye and an itch in your fathers ballz. so when you talk about you don't know a real gamer. you must be talking about yourself. you haven't proved me wrong about my comment. all you did was try to throw insults like the child you are. again the only reason the ps3 did more in unit sale is because of the promotion giveaways with sony HDTV's. i only know one person with a ps3 out of all my friends( all grown with kids and a good job) and that one friend with the ps3 never plays his system and sit there collecting dust. yet he just bought a 360 because ps3 has nothing to interest him. and alot of people feel the same way. only sonyfanboys and bias sites think that sony has a killer lineup.but most of the games won't even come out this year. why waste $400 and not have anything good to play just waiting for something good.

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