Steam Greenlight - 20 games that need your votes

There are an absurd number of great indie games out there, and each of them would love the chance to get some mainstream exposure on Valve’s unshakable Steam platform. But for every standout indie title, there are a bunch that just aren’t ready for primetime. Valve had the perfect solution for sorting them all out: Put the power in the hands of the Steam community with Greenlight, a program that lets users give thumbs up to the games they’d gladly download, while keeping the less-savory games at the bottom of the heap.

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XB1_PS42232d ago

I went through all of them, and I think I found my new addiction. Looking for games to help greenlight. It's actually pretty fun. Thumbs'd up 12 out of 20 of these games.

DeadlyFire2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

No Pro Wrestling X on this? :(

I am looking forward to Pro Wrestling X being a top game among PC gamers. It blends the old school into the modern era of graphics with ultimate customization as a possibility if mods are supported.