Rainbow Six Vegas 2 PC/360 Box Art

Ubisoft released the box art for the PC and Xbox 360 versions of Tom Clancy's Rainbow sSix Vegas 2 today. The game is scheduled for release on March 21st, 2008.

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MakgSnake4326d ago

Hmmm... the PC version looks so much better then the 360 version.

R6V 1 cover was amazing. They should have done a better job. Oh well...the game is going to rock neways...

Crazyglues4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

That is exactly what I was thinking when I saw it, why couldn't they just make the 360 cover look just like the PC one.

Well, Long as the game is amazing I guess I can't really say anything but I would have just stayed with the PC cover for the 360 version if I was them, because the PC one looks amazing.

smokeymicpot4325d ago

The pc verison looks a lot cooler only because of the background looks like Vegas got blown up. The one for 360 looks peaceful.

MrWonderful4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

what about the ps3 version? is it even still coming in march for the ps3?

doshey4325d ago

most likely not, ubisoft will delay the game a few days before the launch then delay it into summer then give it to us when they will all ready have rainbow six vegas 3 in production(if a 3rd one is being made)

proArchy4325d ago

strange they don't post the PS3 cover. it must be holographic foil embossed eliteness!!! ...and it folds into a real AK-47!! not really, expect the cover art to be pretty much the same.

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