The Last Story Review – Should We Have Just Listened to Nintendo? | TechnoBuffalo

TechnoBuffalo: "Thankfully, the days of the NES and SNES are long gone, and the internet has made it impossible for publishers to hide quality titles from American audiences anymore. Nintendo might have thrown up a red flag by not publishing The Last Story on their own, but despite not enjoying it as much as I would have liked, I’m certainly happy they at least gave the the chance to find that out on my own."

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Luke_fon_Fabre2282d ago

technobuffalo is awesome.... this review... well, the rating this guy gave it is terrible. pretty BS score thar

Hicken2282d ago

You tell em, Luke!

When I see numbers like that, especially knowing that many critical and user reviews are above 9, I can't help but feel people are trying to get attention with such review scores.

3-4-52281d ago

He didn't seem to be trying for attention. I think he just has a certain view on how a JRPG should be and this game doesn't fit it. He doesn't seem that open minded really, but it was still a decent and honest review.

Zoro2282d ago

Glad I don't listen to reviews. This game was tight. So glad xenoblade and the last story made it over.

Chrono2281d ago

Brilliant game, ignore this review.