Top 10 Moments in Wii History

No more speculation, no more rumors, later this week we find out the Wii U's launch date and price. Indeed, it is almost time to pre-order your console, games, and extra controllers. In the meantime why not join me and reflect on the best moments the Wii gave us over the past 6 years. By the way, I did have to restrain myself from calling this a trip down "Miimory lane..."

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Adolph Fitler2997d ago

What about games lineup, b/c, & will the Wii's motion controllers be useable with the system & games. It would be nice to see the controllers put to some use, as otherwise Nintendo are just proving that motion controls were a 1/2 gen fad & total gimmick that were never really used innovatively in any game on Wii, & now never will. Be good to see a much more accurate innards of Wii-U communicate with original Wii nunchuka gimmick...but that right there sums up Nintendo's commitment to a device that is only relatively new in it's inception into the gaming world.
Now, where have all those Nintendo fanboys gone with there defence of motion controls?
Why have Nintendo all but dropped it as the frontrunner of the Wii-U's feature set?
I'll tell you why, they again are going to bamboozle consumers with yet another gimmicky concept of a game controller.....a thing that looks good on paper, in theory & even the finished product "looks" all snazzy & spiffy.....But, the key word here is, "LOOKS". I mean, Paris Hilton looks pretty good, until you stick it in & can't touch the sides, so instead return home to look for your caving gear, then return to go caving in Paris's vajina looking for lost treasure like watches, shoes, missing celebrities, missing dogs, & other such wonders.

So yes, well really NO, Wii-U's controller is not acceptable, when we all know it will be under utilized, used in ways that are pretty useless apart from adding another bulletpoint to game back covers. And we all know that power is being sacrificed in favour of a damn tablet. Nintendo should have somehow made the system connect through bluetooth to people existing tablets, laptops & even desktops, with a view to using them in games the same way as Nintendo's own ipad wannabe. I mean, it's really only being used in games as a gps & map, inventory type way, so nothing brilliant, or even slightly impressive really. But, I would have been impressed if Nintendo harkened back to there SNES days strictly in regards to the console design & manufacture sense. I mean, this is when Ninty built powerful, little consoles, with an awesome, comfortable, practicle, straight up awesome controller. But they went to crap after than with old catridge crap when cd had claimed cartridges lives (so to speak).

chanmasta2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Wow dude, you should think about utilizing your precious time in this world more wisely.

Oh and by the way, you can fully utilize all Wiimotes with the Wii U, and Nintendo has been promoting the Wii U's motion controls.

Qrphe2996d ago

If E3 moments had been considered, I would have added Reggie's (now overused) "my body is ready" and Ravi's ridiculous drumming.

MrKingofVideoGames2996d ago

Good point! and the mystery of the Wii Vitality sensor..