Eight 2013 Xbox 360 games worth postponing Christmas for

The next generation Xbox is all but guaranteed to go public at E3 next June, dooming any Xbox 360 titles silly enough to launch at that time, and publishers are accordingly cramming releases into the twilight months. Result? A post-Christmas season which actually stands up to the games you'll play before Christmas, housing many of Xbox 360's most fascinating remaining titles.

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Hasanhastam2323d ago

Agree with Metro last light

JellyJelly2323d ago

Pretty poor list. Where's Forza Horizon? Halo 4?

Trenta272323d ago

Keep in mind the title. It's talking about games coming out AFTER Christmas. Not before.

TheSaint2323d ago

Where are the exclusives? WTF Microsoft!!

DiRtY2323d ago

I would add Splinter Cell Blacklist on that list, Forza Motorsport 5 is also coming next year. Of course there are only a few exclusives when the next console is about to release in 2013.