What Happened to The Sims?

When The Sims 3 was released in 2009, it was a mixed bag ... a bag that, in hindsight, was a good indicator of the issues that would continue to bother players years down the line. The content of the base game was typically sparse - the real meat of any Sims generation has always lain in its expansion packs - but this time it seemed a little more sparse than usual.

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TifaLockheart2232d ago

I really miss the Sims online. That was a great game.

Carl_Shocker2232d ago

When you make a Katy Perry Sims pack you know it has problems

I think my biggest issue with the Sims is why the console ports are terrible. They play nothing like the PC version and I don't understand why, I mean the console port only lets you have 3 houses in your neighbourhood but in the PC you can walk anywhere without loading screens...if you have games like Skyrim, GTA and Just Cause 2 with massive maps why is it so hard to have a small town already loaded up on screen.

Lets not forget how much money EA would make if they could make the expansions as DLC for console players. It's like they don't want peoples money....instead we can pay £7.99 for a lounge pack you can unlock in the game...I mean WTF.

3-4-52232d ago

The sims needs to's literally the same thing as the first game, which was only cool because nothing like it had ever existed before and been quality.

The best part about that game was building your own house. They should expand upon that aspect.

The game focuses too much on having to micro manage a bunch of stuff you'd rather not do.

It just gets annoying after a while.

ScubaSteve12232d ago

ea games happen and Will Wright leaving