Analyst: PS3 to See 'Exceedingly Strong' Performance in '08

"We expect PS3 unit sales will perform exceedingly strong in CY08, due to a recently reduced price point, killer content coming into the channel (GTA), and Blu-ray currently having a decided edge in the high definition format war," said Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey.

Hickey believes that in the coming years the PS3 adoption rate among PS2 owners will spike.

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niall774329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

maybe it was the ps3 outselling the 360 last year.

maybe its all the BIG exclusive games coming out on ps3 when compared to lesser known games coming out on other systems in 08.

but what ever it is, it made alot of people change there opinion on "teh Dead" ps3.

Wraith0014329d ago

I bought a 37in 1080p tv, i alrdy have a 360 so i wasnt goin to buy a 2nd and its alot of hassle to move it arnd from my gaming station (misses owns the tv even tho i bought it!)

With the advent of warner moving to Blu-Ray and the 40g SKU bein cheaper i decided that the PS3 was the way to go as it wld offer me some gaming aswell as HD movies (the latter being why my misses let me get it and not moan like f**ck hehe) and ive had the other 2 sony products aswell.

Winter47th4329d ago

You think ?

Analyzing, iz serious buziness.

travelguy2k4329d ago

on where you live. I guess if you make the prediction as vague as possible you can never be called on it.

rawg4329d ago

The timing is right for PS2 owners to start moving up to the PS3. The 2007 lineup was for early adopters and to introduce new IPs, 2008 is when the major franchises move over bringing an army of PS2 fans to the next gen platform. Should help with HDTV and Bluray sales as well. Sony's strategy seems to be playing out favorably.

zambrota4329d ago

GUYS there is this new fighting game for PS3 this year. It is called TEARS OF BLOOD. My BOSS told me that it will redefine GAMING. I was told about this game by GAMESBLOW first. It will be revealed at GDC /the timeframe between GDC ---E3.

Ofcourse THE BIGGEST GAME of this GENERATION --FF13 will be unleashed this year.

Anyone who isnt purchasing a PS3 is simply jealous/wrong headed.

ANYONE who plays games should definitely purchase a PS3 THIS YEAR

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CaliGamer4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

Its funny the impatience and general shortsightedness of the media and the gaming community.

I can still remember all those fools on here touting the 360's superior game selection all the while ignoring the fact that the 360 had been out a full year before the PS3.

I would always ask the same question, "how well is the PS3 doing compared to the 360 at the same point and time in its life cycle?" and none of the 360 apologist had an answer. This is so ridiculous.

The 360 did well, there is no denying that, but it was also out first. It is looking more and more like they squandered that early release and once again will end up in the position where they are attempting to prove themselves, only this time their hardware is not more powerful or reliable as that of Sony's.

I hate to say I told you so, but performance needs to be credited, MS has done nothing to prove itself as a contender in the video game industry other than releasing their system early. PS3 supporters were banking on a solid track record from the PS brand, what were the MS supporters banking on?

Sorry about the rant, its just vindicating to have been saying that Sony would slowly get their footing this generation and then see it happen. Its one thing if you don't like Sony, but as a gamer you need to respect a legend in the gaming industry.

Regardless of who you are, PS3 or 360 owner, I know that if you owned a Sony console in the past it provided some memorable gaming moments. Its funny how a year delay behind the competition made many write the PS3 and Sony off as a loss. All sorts of premature predictions and unwavering loyalty to MS, a company who has abandoned their customers before and released a product with significant flaws.

The performance of the PS3 will increase, its inevitable. I can't wait to see all the new accounts that will pop up on this site when the heavy hitters for the PS3 land.

Wraith0014329d ago

i see wot your saying however i think u shld give MS some credit. The first Xbox went up against a giant and proved that Sony cld be challenged in the market and proved themselfs as a worthy contender. You say the 360 was out first but how much of a lead did the PS2 have on the XBOX which sold arnd 40mil i think, credit due? Also when Sony entered the market with the PS1, it was at a time when consoles had started to hit a rut, saturn, jaguar ect. When the PS2 was released, again the only competition was the dreamcast which never got its due, and then a lil later the gamecube.

They also brought online play into the arena and friend interaction which now, both next gen consoles rely on heavily for each system. They were also the first console manufacturer to attempt a worldwide release in 1 go. Credit Due (i used to hate the japs for gettin everything 6mnths b4 me)

As a long time gamer i never thought that the PS3 wld fail or that the 360 wld win the next gen war. MS move to bring the 360 out early was a calculated and clever move which paid of. For me the 360 is another stepping stone which is constantly narrowing the gap and feel this trend will continue from 1 generation to the next.

thedude176554329d ago

but how hard is it to put vowels in your words while typing, are you really in that of a hurry?

continue with the discussion

CaliGamer4329d ago

As I said, MS did well, I was mostly directing my comments to all the ridiculously hardcore 360 supporters who can't give the PS3 or Sony for that matter the credit they deserve.

MS did bring many innovations with the first XBOX, but they really undid a lot of that good this time around. I think the XBOX proved that though Sony was dominant, there was and is room for more than one gaming console, I don't think they challenged Sony at all last gen overall as is proof by their abandoning of the original XBOX.

I think MS's imagined "CHALLENGING" to Sony's dominance this gen might will soon be proven to be mistaken. If all the articles and data is to be believed, and the PS3 sold more last year than the 360 did then my friend MS has done nothing.

I could understand your claim that MS is trying to chip away at Sony's market share over time but if that is true, they are doing a poor job when their hardware is increasingly known for unreliability and poor planning such as DVD 9, overpriced HD and wireless.

Just my opinion though, game on.

Wraith0014329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

With the new Falcon model i think the hardware issues should be a thing of the past with new owners, or should i say hope so? My 360 has broke once in 2yrs, it went away and i had a replacement in 7 days which i thought was pritty good personally. However i understand others have not been so lucky.

The 360 has been a success in lots of ways as they are now making money instead of losing it, and in terms of earning capacity its the highest on the chart thanks to niffty ideas like the keyboard attachment and games sold per console. It also has XBL as a revenue which now has some 10mil users which is pretty incredible to say its a pay-per-play scenario. Admittedly a fair few im sure will be silver members.Lets also not forget that MS is struggling in other markets at present and the fact that, while the 360 is not selling as fast, it is still selling, is a good indication to them that even with there 360 coming into her 3rd yr its still making in-roads on the market share.

I think that MS has challenged Sony and has been the first console maker to judder the giant into realizing that they r on top, but if they fail to deliver there is another snapping at there heels.

As for dvd9, well they had little choice really, HD dvd would have been to costly and put the console price up which would of given it a slow 1st yr start which was the last thing they wanted. Drive speed may also have been a factor? As we are seeing now with the PS3 and install issues on some games, if indeed that is the issue.

The Xbox did the job of getting MS recognized, the 360 is the first attack IMO on Sony. TBH i think this war could go on for sometime.

Which has got to be good for all gamers. Thanks for the interesting read.

zambrota4329d ago

on which world are you living?

x360 gave MS a bad name with the defective rate.

RROD is not a thing of the past. There are still 10% x360s which give RROD.

Nothing is an attack on SONY. PS3 if all goes well is destined to win this generation no doubt.

Diversification is not always GOOD. MS lost its brand recognition with X360's defect rate.

what is gone is gone.

Yahoo /MSN will never be able to capture Google's share. Rather google will get 90% of the traffic in the upcoming years.

MP3 market will remain with APPLE for some years

Gaming BIZ will remain with SONY and NINTENDO for some years

MS will rule with OS atleast for some years. SOme people might say that LINDOWS might take shares away from VISTA (which hasnt made agood imapact) but i believe that OS biz will remain with MS for some years

SONY/NINTENDO will never allow MS to launch next xbox a YEAR EARLIER. However the next xbox could also find itself in an awkward position of fighting the wii/ps3 during its whole lifetime.

what are you hearing now?

SONY should have waited according to most analysts .You could now have a ps3 with 4x BD player and 2 gig RAM.

SONY overestimated x360's power. SONY thought x360 could take ps2's share/make an impact among the casuals which was wrong.

X360 is selling to xbox owners.BUT the worrying factor for MS is that many x360's were infact TRADED IN for PS3s and WIis in europe.

Diversification in unrelated field can RIP your brand recognition. Not to mention MS didnt pay much attention to PC gaming WHICH COULD BE TERMED as DEAD NOW

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Iron Man 24329d ago

*cough*well known facts*cough*;)

name4329d ago

Where the hell do these analysts come from and why are they more important than me

CaliGamer4329d ago

They have a website and a cup full of pens, I guess that makes them smarter than all of us regular gamers.
I'm too lazy, but I would like to see what all these sites that are now praising the PS3 now were saying at this same time last year. I bet it wasn't pretty, and it goes to show that these fools know no more than you or I. Hell, I wrote more compelling reasons why the PS3 would do well when they were still bashing the system relentlessly and I turned out to be correct but I don't get the analyst job? So unfair.

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