Review: Mutant Mudds (New Gamer Nation)

The hottest and flashiest new video game experiences were generally the domain of the home consoles, but that didn’t stop Nintendo from curating a few standout classic platformers for their portable business. The Game Boy and Game Boy Color offered many platforming classics that could rival the console gems. Games like Kirby’s Dream Land, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins and Wario Land 2 are still terrific today, and the introduction of the 3DS Virtual Console proves that Nintendo nostalgia doesn’t just apply to NESes and SNESes. It makes sense why Renegade Kid decided to tap into this wave of nostalgia when they prepped a new game, an indie title designed for the shiny new 3DS. The resulting game was the hardcore, colourful platformer Mutant Mudds, which was then ported to the PC for those of us yet to surf into the 3D future. But on a platform with plenty of indie platformers available, how does Mutant Mudds hold up on its new home? The answer, unfortunately, is mixed.

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