X06: Lost Odyssey trailer

Microsoft put online some trailer on the Marketplace, and as always XBOXYDE's has capture and encode them on their site.

HaHa6275d ago

it is so last gen, since the PS2 could do this as well(turn based combat) it is so sad that the only rpg on the 360 is outdated like this, this was one of the games that could have gotten me interested in that damn machine. but now that i've seen white knight story... well ba bye hahahaha

TheMART6275d ago

Just wait untill it arrives. It'll slaughter the FF series completely.

It's better to say the PS3 games can be done on PS2 still, that comparison is better made

AuburnTiger6275d ago

The CG portion was pretty badass, but when it made the transition into actual game play I laughed. Surely they can do better than that. lol

Grown Folks Talk6274d ago

but the ones i do like are more action oriented like jade empire. i'd rather lose a fight because i made a mistake, rather than just because the computer decides i missed or did little damage. graphically it looks nice, but i'd get bored quickly with the battles. the rpg i'm most looking forward to is mass effect. looky looky, a new day. i'm actually in agreement with haha and starcraft rocks. end of the world must be near.

BadTaste6275d ago

Yeah, and Sakaguchi said that there is still another 20% to add to the turn based combat, so it will turn out good, and slaughter the FF series like TheMART said.

PS360WII6275d ago

I saw the teaser trailer of this on market place and all I can say is gawd damn!

But no I haven't seen any gameplay of it but honestly how bad is turn based combat? And saying it was done on ps2 well it was done waaaay back in nes too so it's the traditional way of playing

kmis876275d ago

The gameplay in that one seems like real next gen and makes FF and LO seem dated. I think WKS's combat is the future for console RPGs.

PS360WII6275d ago

Seems like it's going for what FFXII is doing. Sure the cinimatics seems more involved but how much is it hitting the button and how much is it telling them to attack and then watching them fight?

kewlkat0076275d ago

Ofcourse it's a "TURN-BASED" RPG. Again I repeat, it's a "TURN-BASED" RPG.

RPG has different flavors.

Action RPG
Turn-Based RPG
Mix-of-both sometimes.

The concept is still the same. There is some great story, then you search out for some truth, while you level up to kick ass in the end. you people keep saying "next-gen this" Next-gen that", If you were making RPGs today what element would you add just to say that it's "NEXT-GEN"? I bet nobody on here has an Idea what they want a "next-gen" RPG to be like.

Critic the game under the Genre it resides. Then again the game is not even out or close to being finished. I could understand; I've said so myself the FF series haven't done anything great since FFVII and have become kind of stale. Then again people throw that "next-gen" word around like they know what "Next-Gen" is.

For now RPGs is still a turn based game. If you have been playing it ever since nintendo days,for all the older gamers out there, then you already know the formula. The truth is the FORMULA has not changed much thats all. If you want it to, At lest give some Ideas or pitch them to developers, or better yet start your own "next-gen" RPG school. Gamers these days just whine they rarely help. Young gamers these days have become "Spoiled" by Graphics.

Ok back to X06

PS360WII6275d ago

Basically that's the point to make. RPG's have the same concept. Nothing is next-gen in terms of gameplay as far as ms and sony feel. It's all about graphics....
5 brings up a good point what is next-gen rpg. You don't know rpgs will always be turned based in all ways. Can't deny it it works well for the genra


Fifteen years on, Lost Odyssey is a perfect swansong for the formula Hironobu Sakaguchi perfected

It’s quite hard to believe, but Lost Odyssey turns fifteen years old today. A curious product of the time, it has arguably only got better with age - and not just because of what it is, but also what it represents.

andy85361d ago

Jeez doesn't seem 15 years. Very fond memories of this

FortWaba360d ago

The short stories that Kaim collects/remembers are truly emotional. I remember one in particular made my eyes water.

If you've never played this, try to hunt down an original copy, or emulate it. This game was a gem.

GoodGuy09360d ago

I wish there was a remaster. This and Last Story. Sad these games were released on the...wrong platforms...

kingnick360d ago

Considering all the early tech issues Unreal Engine 3 had combined with Japanese developers working with a foreign language engine Lost Odyssey on the PS3 would have been a tech disaster if it had used UE3.

Lost Odyssey's long load times and framerate drops are evidence of just how hard it was working with early builds of UE3, it's a miracle Lost Odyssey turned out as well as it did.

In a perfect world Lost Odyssey would have launched on the PS3 but I doubt Sony or anyone else would have funded the project if Microsoft didn't.

shinoff2183359d ago

It wouldve sold better thats for sure and maybe dude wouldnt be doing mobile games now

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Jiub675d ago

Legend of Dragoon was amazing


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