Reddit Bans Gaming Site IGN for Vote Manipulation

Mashable "Reddit’s long anti-spam crusade claimed another victim over the weekend. Links from influential gaming site and digital publisher IGN have been temporarily banned from the social news site for what it calls “vote cheating” — using a group of dummy accounts to upvote links and artificially inflate their popularity."

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topekomsi2233d ago

Baahahahahahahaha reddit busted yo azz.

Ign u think your an exception?

nrvalleytime2233d ago

I'm actually a little surprised at this. IGN prides itself on popularity - guess it's not as high as we once thought.

vortis2233d ago

Surprised? LOL

IGN fishing for hits just like all the other bottom feeding bloggers.

It makes IGN look like s**t.

jeeves862233d ago

Ah, popularity is not the same as credibility.

MattyG2233d ago

As a fan of IGN I'm suprised by this. Do I think they're will be repercussions for this? Absolutely. Do I think they'll board up the windows and call it quits? Absolutely not.

Qrphe2233d ago

Not that I thoroughly enjoy Reddit, but I find IGN's expulsion from that site H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S.

vortis2233d ago

You know what the topping on the cake is? They tried defending it like it was the mods. Supposedly administration is having a deep talk with the heads at IGN to try to get the site back on there.

In other words, News Corp is whipping out the checkbook.

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