User Review Rips Madden 13 A New Hole

GTMAM - It’s not surprising that fans are ripping into a game on Amazon, they do it a lot and not often fairly. Like how badly they tear into Battlefield 3 for PC because of Origin. However, this one for Madden 13 is justified and Amazon user “Brandon May Thanos” had me laughing my ass off (or lmfao for you kids) at his review of the game.

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shammgod2231d ago

He pretty much nailed it. EA has ruined football gaming for me. I haven't bought madden or NCAA in 3 years. I borrowed my friends NCAA this year and gave it back after playing two games (he let me borrow after only playing 1, lol). EA sucks!

mi_titan272231d ago

Its been about that long for me as well, and as you can see i was a huge football fan, just look at me gamertag, your right EA has ruined the fun of playing a sports video game. I would play NHL, MADDEN, FIFA, NCAA, NBA LIVE, every year, most years i would even purchase them, but year after year of changing the gameplay tweaking here tweaking it there, and removing key elements, or just plain not making any changes, and it being a roster update. Its long lost my attention.

mi_titan272231d ago

that was classic, so true, so true!!!

iceman062231d ago

That was pretty damn funny...and from what I hear...pretty damn truthful to the faithful players of Madden. The hashtags had me just about to spit all over my computer!

DwightOwen2231d ago

My favorite was #IWillStabYouForACopyOfMadden.

iceman062230d ago

I was loving that one too!!!