Parable: Shad'O Review

Since the genre-defying release of ‘Desktop Tower Defense’ in late 2007, Tower Defense games have changed an inconsequential amount, with almost no expansion on the fundamental formula. With the exception of a few clever divergences, almost every title of the genre has played identically to any number of games before and after it, leading the genre as a whole into undeniable stagnation. Offering little more than a stale mechanic that’s found itself capitalised countless times in succession, I find myself perplexed at the continued attempt to further saturate the sub-genre that we’ve all grown so tired of. Rather surprisingly, Shad’O does make a decent attempt to revitalise the genre with a few unseen and unique mechanics, but the principle question remains; ‘Does Shad’O offer us enough of an experience to justify the purchase?’.

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