Talking Point: The Importance of the Wii U Press Event

This Thursday’s Wii U press event is a big deal for Nintendo. Well, let’s assume it is, as a loose teaser for future reveals may cause too much fan anguish to control: we’re talking mass hysteria and riots on the streets. Joking aside, we at Nintendo Life are 99% confident that Nintendo’s going to hit us with at least two big pieces of news — the launch date and recommended retail price for the U.S. There may be more, of course, such as details of what games are guaranteed on launch day, and if we’re lucky there’ll be a surprise or two.

Nintendo Life looks at some of the challenges that Nintendo faces with this event, such as the awkward proximity to a certain Apple reveal, what it needs to do and why it needs to impress gamers and boost the Wii U's momentum.

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jjdoyle2227d ago

makes or breaks for nintendo at this point

chadboban2227d ago

After E3 2012 I'm not hoping for much in terms of new game announcements or big surprises. Just pretty much, price, launch games, possibly some details on the whole Miiverse online functionality thing and more details on games we already know about I'm guessing.

I will be happy if Nintendo manages to surpise me with something big though.

hennessey862227d ago

To like this console, I had no interest in the wii and I have missed nintendos exclusives. Hopefully they will make me want to buy this console

ronin4life2227d ago

And if you do you can buy all the Wii games you missed and play them then.

win-win! ^.^;

wiiulee2227d ago

the wiiu press does not make or break nothing about the wiiu , only a hater would think that...but it is a way to kick off the advertisement and clear a few things up

AO1JMM2226d ago

True but this is N4G which is full of haters.

jboy2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Hopefully thay have more news about the wiiU and show some more games

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The story is too old to be commented.