Dead or Alive 5 - Mila and Tina Cutscene

Some french website leaked a video of the story mode, it shows a conversation between Mila and Tina, there's also some Mila gameplay at the end of the video.

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ScytheX32323d ago

fuck yeah! mma style, i thought she was gonna be strictly boxing (hands only) type of character, definitely happy about this new character, cant wait to play this shit.

SOD_Delta2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

Yea! This game will be great. I get TTT2 later today and in two weeks this. Two great fighting games in the same month!

Mila looks like a cool new character.

Mono-san2323d ago

Allright. The fighting part looks awesome, as always.

BUT the cutscenes were pretty bad. Facial expressions? Pretty much non-existent. I also hope that there will be an option for the japanese voices.

Yet, I think I read somewhere, that they wanted to handle it like the Yakuza games with everybody using their native language. Hope I'm wrong tho...

Lucretia2322d ago

its not like that ryu, kasumi, ayane and hayate all have english voice actors. Im hoping we can put japanese too haha.

i dont care about the face expressions, MK, Tekken share bad face expressions too. the only good Expressions ive seen in a fighting game is Soulcalibur 5

FinaLXiii2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

I think the cutscenes feel nostalgic for some reason

It as that dreamcast vibe to it.

Mono-san2321d ago

Now that you mention it. I can't help but agree.
Damn, I miss the DC. :(

napalmbrainmusic2323d ago

fuck the cutscenes its all about the FIGHT